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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 15

Here are your thoughts on loving our lurkers.

Dan: Hi Hermione. I did participate, as a blogger. The response wasn't quite as good this year as last, but it did still bring out several new commenters. My primary suggestion would be to leave it open for a week. With the busy lives everyone leads these days, surfing time may be limited to weekends for some people, so I would make sure there are several consecutive days where people have the ability to jump in and say hello.

Downunder Don: Hi Hermione, I loved our lurkers for the 9th time and as usual appreciate the opportunity to say hello to all those wonderful bloggers without the pressure of making a sane or intelligent comment. As Dan said it maybe difficult foe people who lead very busy lives to reply in a timely manner. Rather than a whole week I would suggest a 3 day weekend....Fri, Sat and Sunday.

I like the format and especially those bloggers who acknowledge their contributors.

I worry that sometimes the only contributors are fellow bloggers in an orgy of self acknowledgement and congratulation.

Overall I love to participate and am already looking forward to LOL 11 because I love to Laugh Out Loud at my own silly comments. As always Lots Of Love to everyone.

Dr. Ken: Hermione -- I participated both as a blogger and a lurker. My blog, Spanking Minnesota, has participated almost every year--there were a couple of years, at least, where I never found out the date for LOL Day until it was actually here, so sometimes my LOL post went up at the last hour.

I heard from a lot of people I've never heard from, which I absolutely LOVE, and I thank each and everyone one of them for taking the time to comment. At the same time, the number of responses were (IMO) disappointing. Take away my responses, and I think there were maybe 15 total. I see other blogs getting 40 and 50 and can't help but wish I could get that kind of response. No idea how to do it, though.

I know last year I suggested an LOL week, but now I don't know. Maybe try a 3-day event, as Downunder Don suggested. Even that might be unnecessary--the LOL Day posts aren't exactly going away, after all. I mean, I don't think any of us say, "Well, LOL Days are over, I'll delete the posts now." They're a part of the blog, and anyone can still come in and comment on them. So, bottom line--I don't know. :-) As I said, I'm in an odd place right now between being happy for all the great people who delurked and commented, and disappointed that I couldn't entice more people to do so.

Bonnie: I've participated all ten years. The last two were as a blogger. Before that, I scrambled to coordinate an event that defies coordination. Even with lots of help from you, Hermione, and others, it was exhausting. I never seriously considered the multi-day format because I knew I couldn't last that long.

I certainly enjoy meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends. Someone described LOL Day a spanko community block party. I think that fits, or perhaps it's a huge family picnic where a bunch of new relatives arrive each year.

A related benefit that gets less discussion is the opportunity for people to connect in real life. I know several couples who credit LOL Day for their introduction. I also know of good friends who first met on LOL Day. That's great.

I love it when lurkers become commenters and commenters become bloggers. This growth process has played out many times to the benefit of our community.

I can't think of anything I dislike.

As for encouraging more bloggers to participate, we used to send invitations via e-mail. That worked great, but it became too huge and time consuming. Maybe if we could organize a committee and divide the work...

I would like to see us get more Tumblr bloggers involved because this is where a lot of the growth is occurring. I don't see much crossover between Tumblr and Blogger/Wordpress reader bases. Maybe we can make strides in this area. I will get a Tumblr account of that's what it takes.

On the other hand, maybe this size is fine. I know pretty much everyone, though some better than others. I like that.

Thank you for hosting our successful LOL 10. I believe I have a good idea of what it takes to make this event happen. It's more than most people probably realize. Our community is stronger today because of your efforts.

Ron: I was a lurker years ago. Around the beginning of 2006. Didn't know that it would lead me meeting a lady and that she would get me to join that site. When I started lurking, it was more about stories until I met her. We fell in love and got married.

From lurking and reading I started to write spanking stories. I was lucky to meet other writers that I thought were great. My wife and I still enjoy the life style. Something about a bottom changing colors is quite nice.

Minelle: I always enjoy LOL day. I think I have participated since I have blogged...Not sure if that is 2 or three times...Ha ha! I always feel awkward initially wondering if the person wants to hear from me, or even knows me. I go back in time before I commented alot, then I get into the swing of the party atmosphere and just love it. It seems like everyone enjoys it! I do find it hard to get around to everyone...I hope to visit some blogs this week!
Thank you so much for all your hard work! It is much appreciated!!

Michael M: Yup, I participated and happy to do so. It was lurking that got me blogging after all.
Can't think of anything much to do different.
It is interesting to see the pageviews go up so much on the LOL day(s) and that was pleasing in and of itself, even if they did not all comment.
Thanks for organising it.

Lindy: Hi Hermione, Thank you so much for hosting LOL day this year. I participated as a blogger for the first time this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've managed to meet a few new people so hopefully they will stick around. I'm a bit like Dr Ken and saw some bloggers receive heaps of responses and wondered why I didn't. Maybe as Downunder Don says do it over a 3 day weekend. It took a bit of time to go through all the list and then I had trouble remembering which ones I had visited.
Apart from this I think you did a wonderful job.

Nina: Hi Hermione, thank you for hosting LOL Day, I loved it. I participated as a blogger and lurker. I enjoy this opportunity to reach out to other bloggers and also to comment in blogs where I usually read without writing.
To turn this into a two day event was awesome, it helped me a lot to have much time to read in some blogs I didn't know. I don't know if there is anything that should be changed, because I thought it was a fun event the way it was. Thank you!

Pearl: First, thank you for keeping LOL day going. I do love to participate as a blogger and a lurker. My favorite thing is to get connected with new blogs and to be introduced to some new readers. In my busy life it is difficult to search out new blogs.

I like the idea of a 3 day event as well.

Eric and Amy: Hermione! Your LOL two day event was a great time for me. New to ttwd, blogging and this community, it was not only fun to receive lots of comments and to explore everyone on your list, but I found it incredibly inspiring to see through comments all of the connections and friendships that your participants have with each other. Those of you who have been blogging for years have wonderful stories and experiences to share about your journey in this non-vanilla place but you are also real people who support each other in many personal trials and tribulations as well.

Next year, maybe there could be a countdown to LOL day (kind of like an advent calendar). Each day the hostess could post a new clip art counting down to the event and everyone else could share it on his/her blog. Just an idea!

Thank you again for doing this. ;)

Ella: Thank you, Hermione, for all the effort you put into this event. It was my first time, and I participated as a blogger and a visitor to other blogs, old and new. I met some new people and enjoyed the ones I already knew. Since it was my first time, I was also glad to have a chance to thank the bloggers that have encouraged me as I started up this year. It did, indeed, feel like a party. But I felt like I was late.

I love the idea of advertising as Amy said above. Then our silent readers would know what to expect. Also wish someone would have helped me understand what was expected of me. Working full time, I didn't realize how far behind I was until it was almost over. I needed the luxury of my weekend to really enjoy everyone. Do like the Friday, Saturday, Sunday idea, too.

You are a real special lady to organize this whole thing.

Jan: Hi Hermione, I did take part, as both a blogger and a lurker. I love this day although I don't think it was as busy as last year. It's great to meet new people and I feel like it pulls us all together. Thanks so much for hosting and to Bonnie for starting it.

Jenn: Eric51Amy49 has a great idea. Post ahead of time.

Ronnie: Thank you for hosting LOL days. I am so pleased you decided to carry on from Bonnie.

I did participate as a blogger and a lurker. It was my 7th year.

I love meeting new friends and having lurkers who have been reading for a while come out and leave a comment. It's like a big party where new people come along who then become friends.

Can think of anything I dislike.

I think the format works well. Having it over 2 days was a great idea.

Not sure how we can attract more bloggers to participant. Promote it more not just the week before the date. Not sure how. Thinking on that.

You as the organiser may have thoughts on how to improve (though I can't think of anything that would)

If I can do anything to help you know you just have to ask.
Hermione: Thank you all for your words of encouragement and for your suggestions. I think that a countdown is a good idea, as well as having more bloggers spread the word about the upcoming event. I do worry that because my blog does not have the huge readership that Bonnie's does, not enough people find out about it until it's over, if at all.

I remember the old days, of assembling over 300 email addresses of active bloggers so that Bonnie could contact each blogger to let them know about the upcoming LOL. That was when LOL was kept secret until the actual day. Invariably, some bloggers were unintentionally left out and that caused hurt feelings.

Involving Tumblr blogs seems a logical next step, but commenting on those blogs might be problematic for most of us. With certain exceptions, they do seem to be in a separate section of the blogosphere, with a different focus.

Since Remembrance Day / Veteran's Day falls on Thursday next year (and I intentionally avoid that day), a three-day weekend LOL celebration might be worth trying.

Onward and upward!
From Hermione's Heart

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