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From the Top Shelf - More Brandy

We are back at Hope Hall for another installment from Hall of Infamy by Amanita Virosa.A lot of brandy seems to be consumed at the Hall, and Jamie isn't the only one who enjoys it.

It had been late when Lucy had been summoned to serve brandy in Lord Alexander's private study. Lady Alicia was elsewhere; no doubt finding new ways to vex her little blonde maid in her boudoir. Usually Lucy would consider this to be a favourable situation. If she was alone with Lord Alex, even if she had to endure a whipping, there was more chance that he would screw her afterwards and thus she would attain some measure of relief before being pinioned for the night. A good chance but, unfortunately, no guarantee.

That night, he had read for a long while, sipping brandy and smoking a cigar as she stood to one side, silently awaiting her master's pleasure. The Marquis had been perusing the very latest work, delivered by the author himself, the Reverend Dawes. This volume was a collection of improving anecdotes entitled Bridled Lust - The Suppression of Vice in Nubility, From Chastity Belts to Chastisement. From time to time, Lord Alex had jocularly read out passages that took his fancy , or informed the maid of what he considered an especially interesting fact.

"I say, listen to this, Lucy, my pet! 'When Dr Fergus MacCuip was appointed governor of the penal colony on the island of Latigazo, he was shocked to find the female prisoners greatly addicted to self-abuse.' "

He had paused and turned to look directly at Lucy, who had dropped her gaze demurely. "Rather like you, eh, you little monkey?" Lord Alex laughed and Lucy had been unable to stop the blush spreading across her cheeks.

" 'He was at a loss as to how to control this vice, as he found that whipping the culprits only stimulated them to more urgent need to masturbate.' Ha, we know all about that particular phenomenon, do we not, Miss Nimble Fingers? Perhaps he should have had them trussed up at night - like you, eh, my girl? That would have stopped the vixens' tricks, I'll warrant."

Lord Alex had taken another sip of brandy before returning to his passage. " 'Until one day he treated a cook who had inadvertently rubbed her eye after preparing a dish with the island's famous diablo peppers, a fearsome local variety of the haberno, widely respected for its blistering ferocity. Even though the girl had washed her hands before touching her eye, it had swollen painfully. That night he made the girls in his charge chop up peppers. Then they were sent to bed. A few minutes later the howls of agony from the first culprit rent the tropical night. Then the next girl sang out and then the next. Dr MacCuip sat and listened with satisfaction to the symphony of shrieks as he laid his plans for making chili sauce production a mainstay of the penal colony's economy.' "

Again Lord Alex had paused and taken a pull on his cigar.

" 'The product was a great success. It was called Firefinger Sauce, and to this day features a dusky maid with watering eyes on the label.' "

There could be only one eventual result of Lord Alex reading such material. Eventually he had closed the book with a snap so decided that it had caused Lucy to start. There had been a long pause, long enough for her to wonder, with mounting panic, what he planned to do with her.

"It's late so I think I will just give you a spanking, sweetheart. Pull up those skirts and get over my knee."

Lucy found the short skirts of the 'tutu' which she sometimes had to wear most shamefully revealing, yet the full skirts and petticoats of her full uniform had drawbacks of their own. Pulling up the voluminous material far enough to expose her bottom was not easy. Failure to do so adequately was certain to earn extra slaps. Somehow she had bent, billowing skirts and all, over her master's lap, but the tutting sounds told her she had not succeeded in baring her bottom to his satisfaction.


His hard hand stung her right thigh.


"Be silent, girl, I told you to lift your skirts." There was a deal of rustling silk as he struggled with the copious material. "These long skirts are a bother. As are all these petticoats. Still, your bottom does look peachy like that, against the folds of white cotton. You really must stop clenching it though. You know that by now!"

There had been a warning growl in his voice and Lucy had somehow managed to relax her bottom-cheeks. Then she had been spanked. Lord Alex was a big man, extremely strong for all his indolent airs, and his hand was very, very hard. Lucy had tried to stay silent, as she was supposed to do when her master spanked her, but all too soon found that the cries of pain were being forced through her tightly gritted teeth. Again and again his hand had come down, cracking across her bottom-cheeks, and then the backs of her thighs, where these were bare across the tops of her silk stockings.

Lord Alex had gruffly ordered her to be quiet, but her bottom stung like fury and little yips and gasps of pain spilled out with every smack as the pain built up and up... Perhaps he had been feeling merciful - more likely the spanking had aroused him to the point where his own need had become urgent. Whatever the reason, for once, a short spanking was all Lord Alex had required her to endure.

"All right, get on your knees. Frig me, girl, quickly now!"

As fast as she could manage, the skirts slowing her down considerably, Lucy had sunk to her knees at his left side. A little hesitantly, but deftly, nonetheless, she unbuttoned her master's breeches and took out his length. The sight of it, as always, made her feel a little dizzy. he had not ordered her to suck it on this occasion, so she had not. Instead the maid leaned forward and pumped a dainty fist up and down as she delicately teased his balls with her free hand.

"Oh God, yes, that's it. You're getting better at this, you cheeky little bitch," he had murmured between grunts of pleasure. "Practice makes perfect, eh. Saucy little baggage!"

Lucy's heart had skipped a beat at his words. She had been whipped enough times in the past for not getting this job right. Still, she hardly dared hope it, but it seemed she might be giving satisfaction this time. She licked her lips anxiously and concentrated on the task in hand with renewed attention.

"Oh, God, yes!"

It had begun twitching in her hand and she could have sworn that the blue veins marbling the shaft were throbbing. Lucy had felt a surge of panic flood her. He had not given her any instructions at this stage. If he spurted and made a mess she might well earn a whipping, yet it was not her place to decide whether to catch his spending in her mouth, over her hands or, as Lord Alex often preferred, over her breasts. What was she supposed to do with it this time?
Oh, I do hope Lucy got it right, don't you?

From Hermione's Heart


Cat said...

Sheesh...sadistic bunch aren't they...and that preacher seems to be the worst of the lot! Thanks for sharing, Hermione. Will be interested to see where it goes for here.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Thank you for sharing more of this story Hermoine. I enjoyed this excerpt and agree with Cat.


ronnie said...

I wonder what Lucy will do. I can't imagine the ending to this story. Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Hermione said...

They are a bunch of sadists all right. Not sure if there is any escape from Hope Hall.