Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 5

We discussed the length of spankings and you had some interesting thoughts on the matter.

Dan: Hi Hermione. While it feels like much longer as it is happening, the reality is probably more like 5 minutes.

Sir Wendel: Typically I spanked the misses for about 3 to 5 minutes. A hand spanking can be a couple of hundred swats. For the paddle there will be a lot fewer swats but it will last just as long. It takes her a good 20 minutes to give a proper spanking. The longer the better.

Arched one: In this house a spanking is about 15-20 as she uses different implements. What has happened a number of times she gets into a mood where she just feels like spanking me I can get spanked 3-4 times in one day.

abby: Hmm..the actual spanking, probably around 15--20 minutes....Sometimes there is a multiple implement spanking and those can be 45 minutes or more.

Simon: Sadly I don't get spanked often enough. I live a long way from the lady who punishes me so when we do meet up we devote a lot of time to it. After a leisurely lunch she likes to spend the whole afternoon beating me with a variety of implements and finishing with the cane. There are breaks and it is surprising how much punishment a person can take if it is spread over four hours.

Fondles: I definitely enjoy long spankings with lots of breaks in between, unfortunately BIKSS sometimes prefers to just let rip in quick machine-gun bursts. Time isn't always on our side too, and sometimes he has more pressing matters that need addressing which might cut the spanking part of our playtime short *wink*.

Six of the best: The spanking that I usually give to one particular mature lady, lasts about 10 minutes. This turns us on for our wonderful loving making that follows. The spanking can be with a cane, birch rod, paddle, or hairbrush, on her knickers down bare bottom.

Anon 1: The length of a spanking is as much a part of what is going on in the head of the spankee. I can remember a couple that seemed to go on till the next century but others that seemed only quickies. There is soon much that is mental that short of using a stopwatch its pretty hard to tell. My GF thinks that its a matter of how her hand feels. Sometimes she can go on forever other times its not so long. We use paddles and other stuff but hands are really the most personal and meaningful.

Yorkie: Good question Hermione. I've never timed them but I'd estimate about 5-10 minutes as her method is opposite to my kink. She wants it over with as soon as possible where as I would like it to last forever.
As we operate with multiples of a set of twenty swats, be it a short otk leather strap or the short, ever ready rattan cane to the short handled bath brush I like to get as many sets as possible before it's too boring for her.
As an example, my last spankings were the cane, the bath brush and then the smack stick so allow about one swat every second or so for about 260 swats on total plus rub time and what not between sets, changing implements I'd say typically about ten minutes, possibly fifteen maximum. These were repeated once or twice daily for a three day period so they're not isolated sessions but I have to say they would be about ten to fifteen minutes of sheer, divine OTK bliss!

Happy Spankings!

Ronnie: It does depend on the type of spanking as to how long they last. Can be a quick otk 3-4 minutes or with breaks in between and if more than one implement is used a spanking can last 1/2 hour to an hour.

Anon 2: At this point I'm not spanked and paddled often enough, let alone long enough. Not enough time due to all the things going on during summer with the kids not in school and all their activities taking center stage.

Master used to give me 3 swats a night when time got limited, just to keep me in line and ease my need to be bent over. But when he is out of town for a bit I get really edgy while I wait for the inevitably long makeup paddling I know is coming.

With the lengthy period of anticipation ahead of the expended session, it usually doesn't even come close to long enough for me when it finally happens.

Hermione: My Ron is very much a creature of habit. At a predetermined hour, we set off upstairs for a spanking. At first I never bothered to look at the clock to see how long our spankings lasted, but after a while I got curious and remembered to check the clock as soon as it was over. Over the weeks I realized that no matter when they actually started, they always finished at exactly the same time. So if I want to shorten the length of a spanking, all I have to do is dawdle on the stairs or take a little extra time in the bathroom. The actual length is around 10 minutes, give or take a minute or two.

Thank you for sharing with us this week!
From Hermione's Heart

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