Saturday, June 11, 2016

You Completed the Caption

Well? What's the verdict on this silly photo?

Simon: Eventually the top brass had to crack down on the pranks played during it's drone training programme.

Anon 1: After testing it on his friends, Tom realized his DYI Virtual Colonoscopy device needed a lot of work.

Anon 2: Jim had a theory that farts could be used to identify people and were a far more efficient and reliable method of identification than either fingerprints or DNA. Jim is seen here testing his equipment with some friends. Initial results were promising, but then tragedy struck and just as he was on the verge of a breakthrough, the young inventor passed out from the fumes and died. As of yet, no one has expressed a desire to continue his work.

Sir Wendel: Drugs Are Bad! Need I say more?

Anon 3: Bill's new butt controller had been working beautifully, and to his delight, he was able to make his friends' butts do whatever he pleased and they were helpless to stop him, but then something went terribly wrong with the controller, no matter what he tried, the butts kept backing toward him, trapping him and threatening to smother him beneath their fleshy cheeks.

Kingspan: Wow! These virtual reality programmers thought of everything! I can actually smell the gasses escaping from the fire swamps of Altair VI!

Baxter: The young researcher was checking out the theory that girls don't fart. Well he got the bunch of young ladies real close to his special mask and he was surprised to find out that YES girls not only fart, but fart in harmony and also in a variety of smells. The young researcher passed out and thus ended the experiment, but he aced the masters thesis.

Dr. Ken: "Fart Tester" turned out to be the worst job he ever had....

Hermione: Yeah, yeah, I know you all want a spanking. Just let me finish the last master level then I'll be right with you. Blam! Blam!

From Hermione's Heart

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