Saturday, June 25, 2016

You Completed the Caption

What are these two discussing, and what is in his hand? You be the judge.

Simon: Edward and Mabel were horrified when the daguerreotype arrived in the post. They hadn't realised that any one had seen their alfresco spanking in the park.

Apparently Edward had only 2 weeks to pay his beard tax or be taken to court.

Six of the best: "My dear, I just received a letter from his majesty the king. He said you were caught swearing at the queen. Such gutter language, will find yourself with your bare bottom on display, and being thoroughly caned".

Minelle: 'Yes dear, you have overspent your account once again! We will see to your spanking this evening!'

Sir Wendel: Well dear, it says we’ve won top prize in the Spankos’ lottery; a good paddling every Saturday night for two years.

Dr. Ken: He: "It's an invitation to one of Elizabeth's spanking parties. What do you say? Shall we attend?"

Ronnie: Edith, what's the meaning of this? A bill from your dressmaker. Didn't I tell you no more dresses until the end of the year. Now go upstairs and wait for me.

Anon: Her: Dear, that can't be the entire list of things I did this week to earn a spanking. There are only five items on there, and I know I did many more naughty things than that.
Him: Sweetheart, this is only the first of six pages. Don't worry, I've kept a very thorough accounting of your behavior, and believe me, I intend to give your bottom the good blistering you've earned. Now, go and fetch the paddle. I'll give you until the count of ten.
Her: Yes, sir!

Fondles: Well, Missy, as your new guardian it seems I have been given specific instructions as to how to handle your discipline!

Hermione: "Oh, dear! An invitation to a spanking party at the Montague-Outhwaites', and I haven't any clean bloomers."

For more startling revelations, be sure to come back for brunch, being served shortly.
From Hermione's Heart

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