Saturday, June 4, 2016

You Completed the Caption

What are these two gossiping about? Read on and find out!

arched one: My husband gave me the most wonderful spanking this morning and I'm getting another tonight I'm so excited.

Baxter: The boss is very particular about how his typed letters look. When I was doing your job, I got spanked a couple times a week by him. I really enjoyed being over his knee with his big hand spanking my bare bottom. I sometimes would make a mistake just to have him warm my bottom. Go ahead, it is fun.

Ronnie: He did what? He pulled me over his knee lifted my skirt took down my knickers and spanked me.

Sir Wendel: Well I heard Jonathan gets paddled by Miss Jones every morning before her 8am meeting. No wonder he is always on his feet.

Simon: "You know, I'm not sure that there is such a thing as International Spank the Secretary Day"

"I think it was very cruel of Mr Jones to superglue me to your ear"

Anon 1: You were right, I acted like a spoiled little girl, pouted, pulled out all stops.
It was great, over his lap, my skirt pulled up, my panties down, his hand spanking my bare bottom, it felt really good. When he stopped I danced around the room rubbing and crying, he smiled and said next time the hairbrush. I cannot wait, oh and thank you for the cushion my bottom is still sore and it has been three days.

Anon 2: "The boss's wife just stomped into his office with a belt in her hand."

Anon 3: Woman on the right: I know you're new here and you're probably wondering about the noises coming from the boss's office. That's Marge getting her weekly maintenance spanking. The boss has a policy of spanking each of us secretaries one day a week to keep us in line. Today is Marge's turn. Jean gets spanked on Mondays, Alice on Tuesdays and me on Thursdays. Friday is your day. Of course, spankings aren’t limited to just your day. Believe me, the boss doesn’t have a problem hauling us over his knee for a good paddling any time we make too many mistakes … and we tend to make a lot of mistakes … if you get my drift.
Woman on the left: Oh, my, after hearing Marge getting her spanking, I don't think I can wait until Friday. I was trying so hard to get this letter just perfect, but I guess I'll have to redo it so he'll have a good reason to spank me this afternoon.

Anon 4: Oh, those squealing and smacking sounds. That’s the boss dealing with his spoiled ex-wife. You saw the way she stormed in here bitching about how she was going to make him pay for cutting off her credit cards. Well, he told me this morning that after her outburst here last week, he’d had enough of her foolishness and had decided to take my advice and put her across his lap and give a long overdue spanking the next time she bursts in here ranting and raving with her silly demands. He even showed me the “spanking” new hairbrush he bought just for the occasion, saying he’d probably get to use it very soon because he’d closed her credit cards accounts and expected she’d show up any day now. So I suggested that if he really wanted to make an impression with that hairbrush he should do what my husband does and vigorously apply it to her bare bottom until she can’t sit down for a week, and that he should then make her stand in the corner out here with her red bottom on display so that all of us who’ve had to put up with her bitchy attitude all these years can enjoy seeing the results of her having gotten her comeuppance.

Six of the best: Said one of the female typists to the other. "Old Baldy the boss has promised me 'six of the best' on my knickers down bare bottom after work." "You are lucky. He is giving me a dozen strokes of the cane, when Old Baldy takes my bloomers down, right after you've received your caning," said her co-worker.

Anon 5: I heard Mr. Jones say on the phone, "I'm a little sore. But is that all you've got, Honey? Maybe I'll be late, again, just to see what you really have."

Anon 6: Secretary on the right: Just in case you were wondering where I've been since lunch. I just got my first spanking from the boss. He called me in because he was displeased that I still couldn't get through the contract I was typing without making mistakes even though he'd been over it twice with me. He gave me a long lecture, and then he put me over his knee, raised up my dress and pulled down my panties. Once he'd bared my bottom, he gave me a long, hard spanking with his hand, and then he brought out this really nasty hairbrush and spanked me until my poor fanny was on fire. Then he made me stand in the corner with my hands on my head and my red bottom on display while he marked all the errors I'd made. When he was finished, he told me to go back to work and that I'd better get it right this time or he's going to bend me over his desk and use this big paddle on me the next time. My bottom is so sore, I can barely sit still, let alone concentrate on my work. I just had to tell someone.
Secretary on the left: Damn it. I think I'm about to get the same treatment. I just got a call from him to come to his office, and he didn't sound very pleased. He said we have some things to discuss and that I should plan to be in his office for as long as it takes for him to get his message through my hard head.
Secretary on the right: Oh, no. That's exactly what he said to me when he called me in. I guess he's found the best way to get a message through our hard heads is by using a hairbrush to deliver it to our soft bottoms. It certainly worked in my case.

Anon 7: You're not going to believe what just happened. Mr. Jenkins finally gave me the spanking I've been hoping for since I started working here. He said he'd finally had enough of my naughty behavior, and then he turned me over his knee and bared my bottom, just the way I'd hoped he would. He gave me a real good walloping that had my wiggling my bottom and squirming around on his lap until my rear end was hot and sore ... and he certainly seemed to enjoy it because he was very worked up ... if you know what I mean. So after the spanking was over, I felt so bad for him, seeing as it was my fault he was in such a state, that I crawled under his desk and gave him the most delicious blow job. When I was done, he told me that I've been such naughty girl and that he's going to have to give me a spanking every day until I learn to be good. I think it's going to take a long time for me to learn to be good.

Hermione: It's true! The boss really did spank Shirley for forgetting to pick up his suit from the cleaners.

Well, it seems that not much work gets done in that office! Those were the good old days! For more spanking tales, be sure to join us for brunch, coming up next.
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