Saturday, April 1, 2017

You Filled in the Blank

kdpierre: Dear Abby,

I am an adult male who gets spanked at home, not only playfully for occasional sexy fun.....but as punishment for misbehavior. And these punishment spankings are the real deal! (OUCH!) Now I know a lot of people have written to you about having this spanking desire, but my problem is a little different. Rather than seeking acceptance, my trouble is that EVERYONE who knows this is going on accepts it all too readily! And approves of it! My friends, family, heck, even my own mother gave her approval!

My wife is a wonderful woman and very fair, but she also can be very strict and doesn't put up with any nonsense. But my problem is no one will tell her to lighten up. In fact they all think she is 100% right in truly roasting my butt. (I think they secretly LIKE that I get spanked.) And as it is, if any one of them is ever bothered by something I did to them, all they have to do is report me to my Rosa and I'll end up squalling over her lap. And in some cases, she'll even have me apologize to the offended party afterwards AND show them my stinging backside!

So my question is: Where do I go for some sympathy??????

Signed: Can't sit in NJ 

Ronnie:  Dear Abby,

As I am having trouble with my husband, he's lazy, always out with his friends and comes home late. A friend of mine suggested I should take him in hand and spank him (that's what's she does with her husband so would like your advice.

Hermione: Dear Abby,

I'm having some trouble with sitting down after a spanking and would like your advice. Do you think my dinner guests suspect anything when I eat standing up?

Signed: Can't sit in Canada

From Hermione's Heart

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