Thursday, June 15, 2017

Complete the Caption

Summer is nearly upon us, and the water is warming up nicely. These guys look ready for some aquatic play, judging from where their hands are.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your postcards from the edge on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart


kdpierre said...

Ah, so THIS is what happens when you have Chef Michael Chiarello run your company's "Senistivity Training Retreat Weekend"?

Fondles said...

(I'm sorry, I can't think of a caption but I can't wait to come back and see what others will write! Where DO you get these pictures??)

Anonymous said...

The origin of the phrase "the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing".

Anonymous said...

You guys are supposed to be playing what goes in those bras - not grab assing the guy next to you.

Carl H

Minielle Labraun said...

My comment was eaten by blogger!
I think it's quite humorous.... but no clue what's going on!

ronnie said...

Fun picture but you got me on this one, can't think of anything.


WendelJones said...

The one that draws the yellow bra gets the spanking.