Monday, June 12, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 11

What is you most unusual location for spanking, either real or imaginary?

Anon: Not so much unusual as it was fitting the childish image of a spankee.

I met my present one 20 months ago, and when we agreed to meet for her first spanking, rented 1 day via B2b a small rural house. Pretty home but cheap owner. No blinds anywhere, how am I going to spank her, but it had a kid's bedroom with a world map full big window covering that worked like a shade. That also happened to be up a winding staircase. So that let me send her marching to "her" room, which was fully decorated as a young child's room, to get her first spanking from me. We laugh about it to this day.

kdpierre: In all honesty, after 40 years of doing this, there aren't too many places I HAVEN'T been spanked in. As such, I don't think of any particular place as "unusual" anymore.

When Rosa first moved in we even played a game where we intentionally conducted a spanking in every room in the house from attic to basement. And I've also been spanked in camping areas, open areas, parking lots, hotel rooms.....etc. etc. I'm not sure what's left? The altar at a church during a Mass? ;-)

abby: I was spanked in my classroom....with a cane, of course.

Roz: I have been spanked outside in a secluded spot near the waterfront. We also went to a BDSM event where Rick spanked me.

Fondles: Gosh - I feel almost prudish. The only place I can think of that's NOT indoors (or in the car at least) was when we went walking as usual along the beach, only it was a different more secluded stretch and there were stone benches at intervals along the path. BIKSS had me across his lap between cyclists and joggers going past! I was so nervous that someone would see and we wouldn't see them first in order for me to get up in time!

Simon: Until fairly recently I had only ever been spanked indoors by one lady. Since I retired I have become far more adventurous and have been punished in some unusual places. I've been spanked outside in a hot tub, something I highly recommend. Also two delightful ladies tied me to a tree and flogged me and that was very exciting (it was admittedly a large enclosed private garden in both cases with no chance of any outsiders seeing anything). I was stripped and caned in a pub during a spanking party. My most unusual experience was being strapped and caned in front of an audience of about 30 people when I was part of a introduction to CP event. That was a very weird experience and even though by the nature of the event everybody there was of a like mind I did find it nerve-wracking.

Rick: My wife decided that since I was rude to her parents, she was going to insure that would not happen again. They live three or so hours away and she ask me to pull the car over at a secluded rest stop. We got out and she said she needed to walk, get some exercise and talk. We were soon far from the road, open area and I was told to drop my pants and underpants, I've been spanked many times, so I did as told, well she soundly spanked me and said this was to insure I would not be rude to her parents. I squirmed the rest of the drive to her folks, getting out of the car she said, best behave or I will spank you here. I behaved, sitting was hard, she told me later her mother asked, smiling she said she told her mother about the spanking.

Sir Wendel: We love hiking and there have been many trails that ended with a spanking. We tend to spank on the more challenging trials since they are less traveled but there is always a risk of someone wandering by. We took a trip to southern parts of Ireland back in April to explore the old wrecks of castles. One evening we set off hiking at a place called Loch Gur. Once at the top of one of the little mountains I bared the Misses' bottom and spanked her. There wasn't much cover so there was chance someone saw the spanking.

Ronnie: I've been caned in our garden shed and spanked in a pub's games room over a pool table.

I'd liked to be spanked on the beach but we haven't found a secluded one yet.

Hands63: I was once spanked when I was 14 years old in a school conference room in front of about a dozen witnesses. I did something really stupid in school to earn that punishment. I was spanked by one of the teachers, over her lap with my bottom bare. What probably took only a few minutes felt like hours and I physically felt that spanking for days after. Left an impression that lasted a lifetime

Hermione: The most unusual place I've been spanked is a storage vault in the basement of the office building we both once worked in. We used to come in on Saturday mornings when the place was deserted and go down to the vault for some private time. There wasn't much in the way of furniture, just an old table for stacking files, but it worked for us.

I would like to be able to say I wish I could be spanked at the top of the Eiffel Tower or the London Eye, but I am afraid of heights. But there is a place not too far from us that I think might be possible. It's a mountain with a winding road to the top. Once there you can walk to the edge and look out over the valley and the village below. It is especially beautiful in the autumn when the trees are showing their fall colours. If the clearing is deserted, a picnic bench could be put to good use.

Thank you, everyone, for sharing this week.
From Hermione's Heart

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