Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday FUN

Ever since we played Finish the Sentence two weeks ago, my spanko senses have been more attuned to vanilla objects that would make lovely spanking implements.

On a recent trip to Canadian Tire—where they sell much more than just tires—I spotted a display of red fly swatters like this one.

I paused to consider it, but Ron was in a hurry so I made mental note to come back for it some other time.

As I said, Canadian tire sells more than automotive supplies. In fact, there is a huge kitchenware department. I detoured through it and couldn't help spotting a display left over from Mother's Day.

What mother wouldn't enjoy a set of colourful spatulas applied to her posterior?

Our next door neighbours are away right now, so every day I pop over and take in their mail. On the day after their departure I checked their mailbox, removed some letters and flyers and  unlocked the front door. After dropping the mail onto a small table in the hall, I looked up and noticed a low, wide bench against the wall facing the door. It hadn't been there the last time I had been inside. On the bench were two items: a long black shoehorn and a red lint removal brush with a white handle.

There must have been a very innocent explanation for those two items being there on the bench. Our neighbours couldn't be spankos, could they?
From Hermione's Heart


Simon said...

I've been spanked with a shoehorn similar to the the one pictured. It was incredibly painful, there's something about the shape that gives it a sting far out of proportion to it's size and weight. Also it will break if the spanking is prolonged which will only annoy the spanker and lead to them choosing another implement and starting again.

Hermione said...

Simon - I know the feeling well!


Roz said...

Hi Hermione, I can't help myself wondering what certain items would be like as a spanking implement while in the kitchen isle. These all look seriously ouchy! Interesting find at your nrighbours, gotta wonder:)


Minielle Labraun said...

I'm always looking at 'innocent' looking objects and wondering!
Wouldn't it be cool if your neighbors were spankos?

Anonymous said...

I do not need to wonder, my wife finds that the good old bath brush does wonders for my attitude. She has looked at other "instruments" while shopping, tried a couple, but that damn bath brush is what she likes the most. Depending on what I did, sometimes I know I'm going to be spanked, but not when. Worse was a Saturday morning, stepping out of the shower, and there she stood with her bathbrush. Not allowed to dry off she took me to the kitchen and once done, I was dancing, rubbing, crying. I had to face the wall, she enjoyed her coffee and read the paper. Adam

Fondles said...

We absolutely love corrupting vanilla items and turning them kinky. A shoehorn eh? Hmmm

Unknown said...

Hope your neighbors are spankos... Maybe they have heard you folks, and seen what a happy couple you are, so thought they would give it a go...
bottoms up

WendelJones said...

I often wonder if the designers of cooking tools make the items more suitable for spanking. The spatulas in your picture look like they are from the Rachel Ray collection. Her spatulas and wooden spoons give heck of sting. Bet she is a spanko.
Have a great week end Hermione.