Monday, June 26, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 25

Do you tweet?

Fred: I do use Twitter I am @Pervy_thoughts
Mostly to follow 'rude' people, nudists and spankers.

Dr. Ken: No, I keep my spanko side off of social media, and confine my spanking posts to my blog.

Cutiebootie: I have a Twitter account, but it's not used for spanking. I am more of a blogger when it comes to discussing all things spanking.

Fondles: my twitter account is more for the dd/lg stuff - pictures, places we go, and sharing other people's posts - which DO include spanking and erotic pics.

Simon: I have a twitter account which I use to follow various spankers/spankees. I'm not very social media savvy and from bitter experience with a previous account I have learnt to be very careful with tweets re-tweets etc on this account. However I do find it useful and enjoyable as long as you are sensible.

Roz: I don't have a twitter account, my social media is restricted to blogs.

Sir Wendel: No Twitter. I just use Instagram which is spanking free.

Katie: I do have a twitter account, but don't really use it for anything more than following the kids, news and things of interest. Honestly, I hardly get there much. I restrict all things spanky to my blogger account/reading other blogs. I don't want to chance getting spanky stuff mixed up with vanilla stuff. It's manageable for me.

 Ronnie: I know twitter is very popular but I don't have an account. Anything spanking related is restricted to blogs.

Thanks for the mention.

Hermione: I have only tweeted once, several years ago, as part of a class exercise, when I first learned about Twitter at a blogging seminar. It was called microblogging, because of the shortness of the messages. I spend far too much time on the internet as it is, and think that if I start tweeting, I might never get anything else done.

There's quite a variety of Twitter use or non-use in our readers, and that's just fine! Thank you all for joining in.
From Hermione's Heart

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