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From the Top Shelf - His and Hers

One of my regular readers and contributors, KDPierre, is a very talented writer. His website contains a plethora of spanking stories to suit everyone's tastes, although most are FM, and he has kindly allowed me to reprint one of them here for you. I enjoyed it and I think you will too.

His and Hers

The situation called for a spanking, of that there was no doubt. The only problem was her misbehaving husband did not agree, a minor complication that Jessica merely regretted in the way one regrets missing one subway knowing the next one will be along in a few minutes. As a couple she knew that when Ben acknowledged his guilt with a sense of remorse a spanking quickly resolved their issues. To his credit Ben approached the majority of his spankings with this mindset, but not all of them. Today he reacted to Jessica’s decision with resistance even as he resolved to accept his fate. However, he only struggled with the reason for his punishment, not his wife’s right to issue one. Even to his conflicted mind her authority was unquestionable. And so despite his reluctance he obeyed her instructions to strip and procured the paddle she told him to bring her as she watched him and waited. 

And while Jessica could have hoped her husband would have a better understanding of why he was being punished today, given her current level of annoyance, she expected nothing less than his complete compliance regardless. But even though he followed her instructions, he clearly was not happy. Ben got into place with glaring defiance. It didn’t matter to Jessica. As long as Ben cooperated he could make whatever kind of face he wanted. It wasn’t his face that she was interested in right now.

For spankings like this, there would be no warm-up, no gradual easing into the punishment. The smacks started out hard and stayed hard. Ben wriggled dramatically. As he kicked about in response to the sting he spitefully moved his long thin thighs in a way that he knew would be uncomfortable for his disciplinarian figuring if his bottom was going to suffer this much she could suffer a little bit as well. It was his secret revenge. Jessica informed him that his wild wriggling was hurting her thighs, readjusted herself, and told him to settle down. Confronted, Ben did as ordered and modified his motions, but continued to vocalize his reactions. But instead of yipping or ouching through the ordeal, he made these angry grunts as the paddle landed. Jessica knew just what these grunts meant. Ben was clearly saying, “I may be cooperating, but I hate this because it isn’t fair. I didn’t do anything wrong or at least bad enough to deserve to be spanked this hard.” The problem was that even though he honestly felt this to be true, objectively speaking it just wasn’t. Ben deserved every bit of what he was getting...but more importantly, Jessica knew that she couldn’t let his feelings dictate her actions. What sort of authority would she maintain if Ben only got punished when he wanted? No, it was clear he had to be dealt with now…and firmly.

Jessica spanked with certitude, and certitude stung. The galloping backside reddened with each manifestation of Jessica’s annoyance. Still Ben resisted, feeling wronged. Despite what one may hear or read about a spanking eventually bringing about reflective clarity, the truth was that no punishment of any kind no matter the severity can force a person into accepting guilt unless they mentally come to understand it in a moment of revelation that only comes with an open mind. A series of stinging smacks can force the words of a desperate apology but not true contrition. Sometimes that understanding can occur during a spanking, the pain forcing the victim to consider things they had previously overlooked, but it was no guarantee. Pain might open a mind, but it could just as easily force a closed one to shut as tight as a box turtle’s shell. There certainly wasn’t any enlightening effect happening now. A reddening effect? Yes, but not a mind opening one. And for now that was OK. This spanking wasn’t about that. It was about a declaration of authority, annoyance, and retribution. This was really Jessica’s spanking. Ben’s spanking would come later.... and it would be Ben who would suggest it.


After the bedroom punishment Ben thought about what Jessica had said to him and pondered the issue from her perspective. It took a while. It took honest self-evaluation as well. And it took trust in Jessica’s judgment, judgment proven sound countless times before. About three hours after the initial punishment, the light came on and Ben recognized where he was at fault. In that moment a wave of guilt embarrassed him. He recalled his angry resistance and childish stubbornness and despite the prior spanking, Ben realized that the issue was not truly resolved. He mustered his courage and approached his wife transformed. Gone now was the stubborn, resentful adolescent looking to get away with his misbehavior, instead replaced miraculously by a meek guilt-ridden man-child in need of correction, a timid little boy who, while fearful of his mommy’s anger, knows that the only way to make things right is to offer up his naughty behind to her correction.

Jessica watched her repentant husband with satisfaction as he struggled to apologize and ultimately ask that she spank him again. It was no surprise. She had been through this before and knew it would happen. Whenever he resisted a punishment she clearly knew was warranted, she could expect Ben to act all distant and hurt and probably pout for a few hours after the initial spanking until he calmed enough for her words to sink in. He’d then think about what he had done and come to see his fault. The guilt over having resisted would torment him until...later on or maybe the next day....he’d show up all sheepish and apologize, and conclude by asking for another spanking...just as he did now. And though he came to her willingly, his face betrayed his inner conflict. A second spanking on a butt still stinging from the first would hurt a lot and they both knew it. Seeing her husband struggle with his fear and embarrassment and still confess his desire to be punished again both thrilled and amused her. Face blushing and posture slumped, he asked in a way that seemed he was inconveniencing her…as if she would not be all too happy to discipline him a second time. As if, she smiled to herself. She also saw his very real concern over being spanked atop a raw behind...and still he petitioned her discipline. What greater proof of her authority and Ben’s trust in it could there be? And yet, how comical was the fact that due only to stubbornness and closed-mindedness Ben would have to suffer another hard spanking in the same day? Had he only fully accepted the first he could have avoided a second.

But no matter, Jessica fully understood his need for absolution and had no problem in agreeing. She knew that as necessary as the first spanking was to maintain her authority, this one would be the most productive. This one, the one he now recognized as deserved, would be the one to absolve the guilt, clean the slate, and reconnect the two. Besides, despite her prior venting of anger, it would not be too difficult to get back to a proper disciplinary mindset. She’d just refocus on the misbehavior and rekindle some constructive ire. Ire to fuel a fire, she mused, picturing the hot glow that would soon be radiating from her husband’s bottom...a bottom she knew he’d now offer up willingly to her paddle. She liked when he did that. It amused her to see him react to her sharp smacks with a yelp and a clench and then see him struggle to arch up a relaxed posterior for her to punish again. It showed effort and sincere contrition, a contrition she would reward with more devilish smacks until he’d no longer have the energy to raise it or even clench it. Then she would just spank the slack, surrendered behind as hard as she could until all of her annoyance and all of his guilt had been spanked away. He would feel the burn for days...as he should, she thought. Nothing wrong with that. It’s how naughty boys learn to be good. 

Back to the room they went. Off came his clothes once again only this time he went over her lap with an already tender butt and receptive attitude. Jessica looked at the waiting bottom. She had done a good job. The chubby cheeks looked sunburned. A touch of her palm found them still warm as well. She realized poor Ben would not have an easy time of it and yet she would have no problem repeating the punishment. It was necessary and fair: merciful mercilessness. She had had her spanking, now Ben needed his...and sore butt or not, her arm wasn’t tired at all.

The end
Wasn't that yummy?

From Hermione's Heart


opsimath said...

That was a delightful little story. I don't think I have come across the author before -- thank you for sharing.

Roz said...

What a wonderful read, I really enjoyed this Hermione. Thank you for sharing :)


kdpierre said...

Thank you for featuring my story, Hermione. And thank yoy and everyone else for the compliments. As you noted, there are quite a few more featuring various dynamics and situations. My cartoons and illustrations are also there for viewing. All are welcome both at the website and the blog.

Thanks again.

Hermione said...

opsimath - KDPierre was indeed a hidden gem until now.

Roz - I'm so pleased that you did.

KDPierre - I hope you have many visits now that you have been outed :)


Baxter said...

wow, that was a good story.

Anonymous said...

"Jessica spanked with certitude, and certitude stung."

A great sentence.

That and, "The galloping backside..." Made me laugh.


Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :) Thanks for sharing this story. I very much enjoyed reading it. kdpierre did a great job capturing some very real emotions that go along with this type of lifestyle. Lovely writing! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Anonymous said...

I'm not one for discipline or punishment but this one did get me going a bit...