Saturday, June 3, 2017

You finished the sentence

Roz: You're into spanking if you spend most your time in the kitchen utensil aisle in the store.

Simon: You're into SPANKING if:
You watch a terrible old film just for the 10 second spanking scene.

Your imagination goes into overdrive if a woman says she's strapped for cash.

Ronnie: You're into spanking if you visit the garden centre just to check out their garden canes.

You're into spanking if you keep checking the hairbrushes even though you have four.

You're into spanking if your ears prick up when you hear the word spanking.

I've seen this one around - You're into spanking if you visit an equestrian shop just to check out the crops.

Anon 1: You're into spankings when you hear the word, especially from someone you know and you continue to think about it.

Leigh: You're into spankings if you get a tingling sensation at just the mention of the word.

Anon 2: You're into spanking when that older woman walks by, has the features you dream about, and before you know it, erect. Not all women have that affect, but it is those few that remind you of your deepest desire.

kdpierre: You're REALLY into spanking if it stings to sit down, and you don't have a sunburn.

Hands63: You've watched that scene in "Bedazzled" with Liz Hurley and Brendan Frazier over 100 times and continue to watch it.

Anon 3: You're into SPANKING if:

The first thing you do every day is to check for updates to your favorite spanking blogs.

You're first thought when you see a woman is, "I wonder what she'd look like over my knee?"

You're first thought when you meet a woman is, "I wonder if she's into spanking?"

You judge women's clothing not for how it looks but for how spanker-friendly it is.

Your first thought when you see a woman acting out is, "What she needs is a good spanking ... and I'd love to be the one to give it to her!"

The first thing you notice about a woman is how spankable her bottom is.

Amy: You're into spanking when being called "Red Ass Amy" is a compliment.

Yorkie: Damn. Got beaten to the kitchen aisle one. I do. Every time. I slow down and figure out which ones would be best as a spanking implement. Also hairbrushes. I'm insatiable I know.

Baxter: When you are in a cooking store or hardware store and find yourself looking at paddles or spatulas or other assorted items and wonder how they would feel when striking your bottom.

Peter: You are into spanking when a very ripe peach, bruised and red arouses you in the produce dept!

Keri: You know you're into spanking if when you mean a tall, strong looking man and you think: I wonder what I would look like over his knee??

Or if when meeting a tall man you think: I bet if I was over his knee neither my feet nor my hands would touch the ground!

js666: You see an attractive woman sitting down and think, "What a shame she can do that without a pillow."

Hermione: You walk along the shore where a canoe race is underway and get an overwhelming urge to bend over.

From Hermione's Heart

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Sweetspot said...

Nice job everyone! You really made me laugh out loud not just lol but really laugh out loud!
- You can't remember your barber's name but somehow you know she got spanked by her husband last month.
- In the top drawer of your bed stand, the dictionary page listing the word "spank" is worn, torn and smudged.
-You often find yourself in the paddle games section of the sporting goods department looking at Jokari and ping-pong sets even though your game is golf.
-You miss the deadline for "finish the sentence" because you're using your newspaper archive almost 24/7 to look up spanking stuff for Chicago Spanking Review!