Saturday, June 10, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Kingspan: Max was sure Hilda deserved a bare bottom spanking for forgetting his supper.

kdpierre: No matter how many years had passed, Hilda was always shocked at how she could never seem to leave her days as the Coppertone model behind her.

The Glenmore: It would be nicer if there was a red spanked bottom under those PJ'S!

Anon 1: Oh, my, it's cold back there. How will I ever get it warmed up?

Sweetspot: Sometimes Hilda wished Henry was like other husbands. The kind of husband who thought it would be cute to train the pup to open the refrigerator door and fetch a beer.

Sir Wendel: Last night Champ overheard Hilda’s husband say that he was putting a bone back here but was sad when he found the cupboard was bare.

Ronnie: He said I'm to fetch you as it's time for your spanking.

Anon 2: Hilda couldn't believe her own dog would betray her by yanking down the seat of her pajamas when boyfriend yelled, "Spanking time." She was even more shocked when she was head down and bare bottom up over his lap and heard him yell, "Fetch," only to watch helplessly as her dog ran into the bedroom and returned carrying the hairbrush her boyfriend then used to make her poor bum glow hotter than the wood stove.

Hermione: Rex wasn't top of his obedience class for nothing. He was the only dog to perfect the  "bare bottom" command.
From Hermione's Heart

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