Monday, June 5, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 4

How do you feel about using a gag during a spanking?

Roz: Hi Hermione, that story is getting a bit too dark for me. We have only tried improvised gagging, as in no ball gags or 'proper' gags on a couple of occasions. It's definitely not for me.

Downunder Don: Gagging in any form is a definite no-go here. Apart from anything else it is potentially dangerous!

abby: Well, in my case, Master worked way to hard to get me to be 'expressive' during a spanking...or other activities. He would never make me think that He wanted me to be gagged... unless you include a mouth full of cock.

Subone: Right now my mom is using my front room as a bedroom. I ball up a blanket and knot it. We do have a ball gag but have not used it yet. Maybe some day.

Joseph: It would not work with me, I don't "give in", my wife knows that once I start squirming, kicking, she is getting to me. When I do make sounds from the pain of the spanking she always saids "Now we will get down to your spanking" and from then on I can be heard for "miles". She believes strongly that the more noise I make the more effective the spanking is. When she tells me to stand up, I start rubbing, dancing around the room, she just smiles. It is when she takes me to face the wall, spanking my sore bottom on the way. It takes awhile to get under control while facing the wall. So as far as my wife is concerned, the sound is part of the punishment.

kdpierre: A ball-gag is merely one way to achieve a goal. There is nothing inherently extreme about any tool, though any tool can be used to an extreme. As for us? We don't have one but only because the whole "noise thing " is neither an practical concern nor a sexual thrill. Still we have employed other things when enforcing silence WAS a goal.

Simon: I'm normally able to keep quiet during a punishment apart from the occasional grunt and I do like to be able to chat if the situation calls for it. I have been gagged but only rarely as I find that gags make me gag and I can become quite nauseous and nothing ruins a spanking like the feeling that you are going to be sick at any moment.

Wilma: I can't use a ball gag as I have an overbite ( um not bucked teeth! lol). We do have a bit gag that has been used on various occasions. For Barney it is another way he exerts his control. It works. It has me more focused or out of my 'head' when being reset. There are other times he has shoved a face cloth or other fabric in my mouth. I am generally very quiet during a spanking (if you don't count laboured breathing and snorting), so the gagging really has nothing to do with being heard outside of the area we are in. It can be very humbling for me.

Enzo: Hi Hermione - I love to hear a girl moaning and pouting and thus the reason to not use a gag most of the time. However, although never used an actual ball gag, I have used other specific fabric items as gags and for all the reasons Wilma explained.

In terms of the story, the ball gag wouldn't have been my issue. I was not enjoying the overall themes of extreme non-consent. It was no longer non-consent between two people, it was multiple people and the overall darker future plans. Again just my opinion which may be hard to clearly define.

Ronnie: No ball gags. Once P used a pair of my knickers but it made me gag so he had to take it out so no, I wouldn't like to try one.

Ripley: I don't think I would like any kind of gag. But for sure not a ball gag (or anything else that completely covered my mouth). Just the thought of it causes me anxiety.

Leigh: I've never worn a gag, nor do I think I would like wearing one.

Yorkie: Considering I am the one giving the directions during my spanking it would not work if I were unable to speak. So that would definitely would be a no from me for gags.

Hermione: It's not for us. I like to think that Ron enjoys my vocal expressions of distress. If I don't say "Ow!" and squeal frequently, I'm afraid he will think I'm not enjoying myself.

Thank you all for your participation this week. By the way, in the passage that I omitted, the ball gag was described as a practice golf ball with holes in it to allow breathing. But the whole process was, and Enzo said, non-consensual and therefore unpleasant.
From Hermione's Heart

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Fondles said...

Oops I missed this brunch... but we too don't use gags. I think BIKSS enjoys hearing me say ow. And when I'm trying to be stoic and not make a sound, he only puts more effort into getting a response from me (i suspect). Thanks for this interesting look at the gag/spanking relationship.