Thursday, September 14, 2017

Complete the Caption

Wouldn't this photo be perfect for a motivational poster? You know the kind I mean - one large. positive word, followed by an inspirational phrase.

Give us a motivational caption (or any other caption, if you prefer) by leaving a comment, and I will publish your submissions on the office wall this weekend.
From Hermione's Heart


Eric51Amy49 said...

It comes in all shades of pink.

Roz said...

A spanking a day keeps mistakes at bay.

Anonymous said...


Looking backward is only helpful if you learn from (or like) what you see.

Anonymous said...

You can do better if you want the rewards afterwards roomie.

Anonymous said...


I wonder what I should do tomorrow to be spanked again.

Anonymous said...

SPANKING - It does a bottom good.

SITTING - Something a naughty girl shouldn't take for granted.

HOT SEAT - It'll keep you on your toes.

Anonymous said...

Have It - Or Get It!

(There's My Pants!)

Adults Only!

Thanks for the Blog!


Anonymous said...

HOT SEAT - What a naughty girl must sit on for the rest of the day.

SMART ASS - What a naughty girl gets for being one.

REAR VIEW - What the rest of the office gets after a naughty girl is spanked.

SEAT OF THE PROBLEM - Don't get behind on your work, or your behind will get a good working over.

ronnie said...

SOMETIMES - A spanking is all that's needed.


Spanky53 said...

PINK: It's more than a color for cloths

Anonymous said...

BOTTOMS - Make time to spank one today!

BAD GIRLS - End up with sore red bottoms.

Anonymous said...

Now let me think ,have I forgotten anything ? Oh yes his cane ! Lucky I remembered that !! Kent

Aimless Rambling said...

OOPS - Must Behave Better

Dave said...

Product testing: important , even at a paddle factory!

WendelJones said...

I goofed off at work all week and this the best the boss could do?

js666 said...

If he's gonna be doing this regularly, it may be time to invest in a full-length mirror.