Sunday, September 24, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #195

Welcome to our traditional weekend spanko brunch. Last week, while waiting my turn to give blood at our local clinic, I watched three girls from a nearby private school, who were all there to donate for the first time. I was amazed at the shortness of their pleated plaid skirts, and that reminded me of former blogger Abel. On his Spanking Writers blog he often wrote about traditional spankings involving schoolgirls in uniform. That brings us to today's topic:

Do you enjoy traditional corporal punishment scenes? Why or why not?

Please feel free to join in and leave your response as a comment below. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Once everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Eric51Amy49 said...

I've always been a fan of Halloween because I love getting dressed in costumes. Eric is more than willing to play with me so we bought a "school girl" paddle, stick, and outfit. It's fun role playing the traditional because we've been watching them through a Hollywood lens for years. I will add, neither Eric nor I came from households where spanking was used for discipline. Neither of us have ever or would ever spank our children either. So for us, any spanking is an adult desire that we play out. It might be harder for someone who actually lived through and experienced such situations growing up to enjoy them as fun.

abby said...

Every now and again Master will tell me He wants to come home to a naughty school, a 'lady'of the street, or whatever else He has imagined....I must use only what can find in the house...makes for a fun day for me....and even more fun evening...
hugs abby

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of anything except spanking in natural dress patterns. I love fairly tight jeans, so enjoy spanking my gf in them at times. Also enjoy spanking her in pajamas, as I need no help baring her bottom, or even in repositioning her to bare it.

But in general, I prefer natural dress patterns. Traditionally, I always command her to come over to me in spanking attire when told, meaning in full dress waist up, panties only waist down. No shoes, no socks. I told her, from day one, at discipline time, I will control her panties, meaning I will lower them once she is otk when I wish after a solid "panty warming", and until I tell her it is ok to raise them post otk, she better not do so on her own, or she will be back otk immediately.

She knows better than to not comply 100%.

Anonymous said...

Both DW and I are die hard spankos. But: in the beginning of our relationship I began to introduce discipline and hit a major road block. That was a hard limit for her. She enjoys both erotic and hard spankings, but not for discipline.

While we do engage in quite a bit of funishment; true punishment has been off to the table. Schoolgirl outfits have been used, as well as inappropriate dress for "the office". I'm a very strict boss.

I've brought discipline up a few times, but that remains a hard limit. Still, we do have great fun with her plaid skits, and no panties.

Roz said...

Hi Hermione, we have in the past played with a bit of fun role play, including school girl. Not for some time now.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall can fall into a role in a heartbeat, with or without a costume. She enjoys playing naughty secretary, Persian slave princess, and wearing short pleated skirts. She normally surprises me when she puts on a costume. It's not something I ask for, but I do enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to answer your question as worded. While we definitely incorporate spanking into fun and/or sexy situations at times, a significantly high percentage of the spankings that take place are done as discipline.............but hardly as a "discipline scene".

If our domestic discipline aspect began to take on a role-play "scene" feeling, it would cease to work for either of us. So in that respect, my answer would be "no, we do not enjoy or do discipline scenes". But we DO live a full-time DD lifestyle where genuine discipline for misbehavior is a routine practice......and a very practical and satisfying one. (and there is no costume dress-up involved.)

Anonymous said...

We have evolved into real spankings in a domestic discipline environment. I am spanked 98% of the time, but Cindy is also spanked for something that merits a spanking. Thus, no role playing. however, spankings are not in any way given with bruising or blood, but both of our spankings are much stronger than they once were. With the problem addressed, and solved, many times we move to the bed to make love, but not always, and not for on the spot spankings.

Anonymous said...

As a male, in his 20's, traditional is what I want. Dating a woman in her 50's have found such a woman, corporal punishment is very much that. She tolerates very little and admits a lot of women her age enjoy dating younger men and also points out many men my age enjoy older women, it is just a fact of life. When she stated I needed a spanking, I laughed and thought nothing more of it. I was a afternoon by the apartment pool that I may have gotten carried away. Glad there were few people there, for she grabbed my arm, landed a hard spank across my bottom, and took me back to the apartment. No soon did she closed the door, my swim suit was around my ankles and I was over her lap. She was very serious and I soon was begging, saying I was sorry, and she did not stop until I actually was crying. She told me to face the wall and I did so. She said from now on, this would be my punishment, I stood facing the wall saying nothing. It was when she said she was not done that I turned and said I've learned my lesson. She smile and left the room returning with a hairbrush. Step out of the suit young man and I did, and then she said over her lap and I begged, she pulled me across her lap and that hairbrush made it point and I knew I could be heard. To this day I accept, and our sex life is great, when it comes to punishment, a spanking, old fashion, over her lap is what I get.

Katie said...

Hi Hermione,:) I have to say that Rob and I have not done much in the way of role playing. It would be fun to try one of these days. I will bring it up to him and see what he says. Love what Abby says above, about being given a role to play, and having to come up with items that are fitting, from what she has around her house. How fun! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Anonymous said...

"Do you enjoy traditional corporal punishment scenes?"

Sure! "Scenes", being the key word here, who doesn't?

I only spank or get spanked for the fun of it, and do not do nor believe in discipline spankings. Not my thing. Traditional to me is just otk and bare bottoms.

By the way, what does "non-traditional" imply...?


Anonymous said...

Let me begin by saying I am a male spankee in my late 60s. I really like being punished and being told why before, during, and after the spanking.

I've fantasized about and craved corporal punishment since I was about seven years old. I was caught throwing stones at a female classmate while on my way to school with another classmate. My reward was two-fold. I had a trip to the principal's office where I got the strap on my hands for the offense (yes, it was in Canada in the 1950s). At home, it was a trip to the basement for my Dad's belt across my bottom.

Fortunately, I have have an understanding wife who will redden my bottom when needed.

The best to all of you! I hope you all get and give what's needed.

WendelJones said...

If you are talking scenes like role playing then we enjoy it. Costumes are the best. The misses has a school girl costume. Once in a while she will put it on and come to me talking about getting sent to the principal’s office or failed tests. I put her across my lap, bare her bottom and spank her.
The misses will sometimes play mom and put on an apron and call me into the kitchen. I then have to bare the bottom and go across her lap for a paddling.
Fun stuff.

ronnie said...

Haven't done any role play for a while but have in the past. Definitely the naughty school girl being sent to Headmaster's study for a caning, strict boss and secretary and maid/hotel manager.