Monday, November 27, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 26

Bracelet - Cane-iac
Would you wear a piece of jewellery or other item that identified you as a spanko?

King Marshal: I'm on the side of don't invite questions you don't want or need to answer. However one of favorite t-shirts is from the Stockroom that has huge handcuffs on them and I have been known to run to the local super market with it on.

Dan: I kind of do. I wear a pendent that, within the BDSM community, designates a male sub. I consider myself to be a "disciplined husband," not a true submissive, but they don't seem to make jewelry that corresponds to my particular fetish.

Mine is on the small side, and it's not particularly likely anyone would get close enough to see the symbol. And, of course, unless they happened to be in the BDSM lifestyle themselves, it's very unlikely they would recognize the symbol for what it is.

Jan: Hi Hermione, I love a bracelet! My hubby bought me one that spelt out "spank me" in morse code. It was done in red and grey beads and I loved it. I have a necklace with a spank me charm on it in writing and I wear that openly so I suppose I wouldn't hide it!

Fondles: I probably wouldn't wear something that was obvious. however if it was coded like Jan's, or if it was something that only meant something significant to BIKSS and I , then yes. definitely.

Yorkie: I have thought about getting one of those leather bracelets they used to have with "OTK" on it but have no idea how I would answer the questions.

Amy: Eric and I saw something like this in a leather shop and have heard there are spanking parties where you wear things like this to signify your preference. I like Jan's jewelry. I wouldn't openly talk about it but if someone asked, I'd probably be pretty straight forward.

Baxter: If I was into wearing things on my wrist ( I do not wear a watch) I might wear the 'bottoms up'. It has dual meaning including drinking beer. There is a sports bar nearby that is named Bottoms Up. Of course when I see the place, I think spanking.

Ronnie: Cane-iac is a favourite of mine for spanking implements. I wouldn't wear anything that was obvious but I love the sound of Jan's bracelet, I would wear something like that.

Bonnie: Like Jan and others, I would probably wear an accessory that was coded in some fashion. I recall meeting a woman at work who was wearing a necklace with a small gold charm in the shape of a riding crop. Equestrian or spanko? I didn't ask.

Liza: I have a necklace that says "I need a spanking" in morse code.

Hermione: I would be okay with the "Bottoms Up" one. I have a "Bottoms Up" t-shirt that I wear regularly, but it is a souvenir from a winery tour fundraiser so it's easy to explain away. I wouldn't want to wear the "Spanko" one around anyone I know. I'm not ready to out myself.

Thank you all for your opinions on this interesting subject. See you again next  week!
From Hermione's Heart

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