Saturday, November 4, 2017

You Finished this Sentence

On a first date you should never say...

Dr. Ken: "I can see where you get your good looks. Does your Mom fool around?"

"Your sister is very pretty. Is she single?"

"We'll skip dessert. You don't need it."

"I hope you put out on a first date, or this happy meal is a waste of time."

Dave: "You don't look anything like your profile picture."

KDPierre: "Wanna come back to my Mom's basement? We can listen to my yodeling CDs while I show you my rash."

Ronnie: Your ex-girl friend's name instead of hers.

Fondles: "I'm so done with women and dating! It's too complicated!" (Note - this actually DID happen to me!)

Sir Wendel: "How do you like my mom’s cooking?"

Liza: "Oh no, I'm in labor and I think the contractions are five minutes apart. I don't think I can eat dinner. Can you take me to the hospital?"

Amy: "You remind me of my ex."

Anon: Anything that would normally get you spanked because you think that since you're on a first date he wouldn't dare.

Hermione: "My mom wants me home by 9:00."
From Hermione's Heart

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