Saturday, November 25, 2017

You Completed the Caption

The Glenmore: "Just wait until I get thee home husband!"

Amy: "Do you really think dressing me up like little red riding hood is going to get that wolf to come out?"

Leigh: "Keep your eyes open for the perfect switch," he said.

KDPierre: Woman: "I think we're finally alone, now's our chance!"
Man: "Great! Did you bring the butter?"
Woman: "Yes. AND the giblets!"
Man: "Prepare to be basted and stuffed!"

Anon: My dearest, how long has it been since I last had cause to chastise you?.... Obviously too long

Baxter: Dear, you have one shot with your musket to kill a turkey. If you miss, I will use that gun as a paddle on your bottom. I am hungry now get to it.

King Marshal: This looks like good place to for your Thanksgiving spanking.

Sir Wendel: My dear Mary, this looks like a nice private spot for the first Spanksgiving. So take up your dress and pull down your panties.

js666: SHE: Oh dear, it looks like poor Prudence is about to be soundly thrashed on her naked nether cheeks. Someone should do something.
HE: Oh I will, Patience my love, as soon as we get home.

Hermione: If thou thinkest that thou wilt spank me with thy rifle, thou hast another think coming.

Happy Spanksgiving, everyone! See you at brunch, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

As usual, this site always brings a smile, even when i sit bruised.