Monday, November 6, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 5

What will spanking be like in the future?

Katie: I'm thinking that a spanking will still have to be a spanking- a spanker, and a spankee coming together. I'm going to imagine that travel will be innovative, so even if a spanker (or spankee) is away, he or she can pop on back to his or her loved one, in no time at all. The spanking is carried out. There is some mighty fine loving (or not), and then one can materialize right back to where they had been before.

Implements will change. The very best implement in my book- the hand, will still be right there, and available.

There might be supersonic spanking scopes. Able to catch feisty behavior from miles and miles away.

Roz: Hi Hermione, I think we will still spank, in fact it may be more common. Greater technology and surveillance will make it harder for a spankee to get away with any misdeeds.

I'd like to think it will still involve a spanker and spankee and that distance will no longer be a problem. However, there may be spanking machines, or maybe robots who carry out the spanking.

As for implements, these will be developed to produce the desired effect with less effort.

Fun question!

KDPierre: I don't think a lot will change for the people actually, physically doing it because its appeal has always had a 'retro-flavor' to it. So just as today we try to fetishize the 1950s/1960s spanking atmosphere, I believe people in the future will STILL be trying to recapture that same flavor.

Where I think the biggest change will occur is in people who are frustrated with a lack of compliant partners, since I think sensory digital/computer simulations will be commonplace. Even seasoned spankos with partners will probably end up using those programs on occasion to experience spanking with aliens or fantasy creatures.

Fondles: I imagine with more people travelling to far-off locations and spanker and spankee being separated by distance there will be a need for remote spanking facilities. Perhaps booths with automated spanking arms that could be activated by log-in (or fingerprint scan) when a spanking needs to be given.

Gustofur: I hope there will be a sensor that would unobtrusively detect a willing participant.

Welcome, Gustofur!

Anon: I enjoy Star Trek, Science Fiction and a common subject is that the future will be women in charge, men being the "slaves" for lack of a better word. Punishment will be public, anything from standing in the town square tell people what you did. The worst being a spanking, given by the wife, for all to see. It will be up to the wife as to how much is worn. The instrument used is once again the wife's decision. I would feel the man being spanked in public, with an erection, standing prior to the spanking getting a scolding, would deter the male from breaking the law.

Abby Williams: Hi Hermione! I'm taking the dive back into the blogging world. Good to be back (again). I'm leaning towards what Katie said above, that "a spanking will still have to be a spanking." Spanking is physical, tactile, sensual. I see humans in the future being separated from our actual senses, with music, video, information, and possibly even experiences being directly transferred into our minds. The 1995 movie Strange Days comes to mind, with a scene of a paralyzed man being given the experience of running on a beach. I think there will certainly be that type of virtual reality experience for all elements of sexuality, kink and spanking included.

That being said, it is the traditional and the sensual that I enjoy the most about spanking - a leather strap like the one Pa might have used in Little House on the Prairie, a cane or a wooden paddle that might have been used in a 19th century schoolhouse. Implements made by hand from natural materials. I would like to think that these things will carry on well into the future.

Then again, if I could "download" the full experience, the scent of leather, the hand on my lower back, the apprehension, the eventual giving in, the after-care and feeling of safety... I'd like to think I would still choose the real version, but if the experience was ultimately the same, we might take to virtual experiences just to escape whatever reality is really going to look like. Heck, given the state of affairs in the US, I'd take a virtual experience most days in the present just to escape reality, as long as I could still have the real experience with Mr. W as well.

Welcome back, Abby!

Amy: That's quite an interesting topic! With all of the talk of AI, there could be all kinds of things added to the spanking world. Didn't Ronnie just post an article about sex robots? There certainly could be spanking robots.

My hope is that with all of this technology, people remain sensual with each other and I'm going to put spanking on that front. As for discipline, the tech age has made it easier for an HOH to keep track of what/where his/her little spankee is up to. That said, it's also made it harder for privacy between the couple!

Leigh: I think spankings will always be spankings and the best implement will still be the hand and the best position over the knee.

Hermione: I predict that spanking will become a mainstream activity, enjoyed by many and understood by most. Online dating apps will include a place to put your kinky preferences, thus enabling the app to match you up with people having similar interests.

Implements will be made of light, indestructible materials that provide maximum effect with little effort on the part of the spanker. There will be a built-in adjustment so you can choose sting or thud. Spanking machines will be readily available and easily portable.

What an enthusiastic group we had at this week's brunch. See you again next week: same Bat-time, same Bat-location!
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