Saturday, November 11, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Baxter: Back in the day I was a fetching 'coppertone' girl, looking at the sun, baring my naughty bum. Here I am, still looking at the sun, with a bigger, yet still naughty bum, always hoping for a spanking.

KDPierre: Hilda: "Look, Sparky, you can almost see the 'moon'."
Sparky (thinking): 'If those daisies keep slipping, I think there will be a 'full moon' before long.'

Dave: Plumber, on vacation.

Hands63: Behold, the crack of dawn!

Anon 1: Hilda, pointing at the clouds: "See that beautiful reddish color on the dog's belly? Well that's the color my bottom's going to be after my boyfriend puts me over his lap and paddles me for wearing this daisy bikini out in public and showing off my ample rear end to everybody who walks by."

Dr. Ken: "And if you keep sticking your cold nose where it doesn't belong, you'll be joining him in doggie heaven!"

Anon 2: I just wish a man would chase me like that and then put me over his knee and give me a good sound spanking once he catches me.

Do you think if I stand here long enough with my bottom on display like this a nice gentleman will get the hint and spank me?

Anon 3: The boys followed Hilda everywhere.

The new bikinis weren’t designed for big-bottomed girls like Hilda, or were they?

Sir Wendel: Red bottom at night – Hilda’s spanking delight.
Red bottom in the morning – Damn, why did I let him spank me that hard!

Hermione: Look! See that cloud? Doesn't it look like a giant hand ready to spank me? Aww, c'mon Rover, where's your imagination? It does not look like a giant bone.
From Hermione's Heart

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