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From the Top Shelf - Uncle Henry, part 2

Last week we began a new story, Rollin Hand`s “Uncle Henry and his Girls”. You may recall that Uncle Henry gave his niece, Amanda, a bare-bottom spanking, and Amanda`s friend Libby was quite moved by the event. (Read it again here, if you wish.) It is now the next morning, and Libby has a lot to think about.
After that, Libby regarded Uncle Henry with a bit of awe. He was his usual cordial smiling self at breakfast the next morning, but Libby could not stop staring at the man who had whipped her friend’s bare bottom with a strap the night before. Amanda did not seem any different. She greeted Uncle Henry with studied nonchalance. It was as if last night had never happened, except that Libby noticed a slight wince when she sat down.

“So did you sleep well, Libby?” said Uncle Henry.

Libby blushed and managed to mumble that she had indeed. In truth she had tossed around in bed feverishly until her fingers had brought her to climax, thinking about Uncle Henry and his strap, the concentration on his face as he had meted out chastisement to Amanda with such a natural air of dominance.

“Splendid,” said Henry, stirring some sugar into his coffee. “I think a month here in the country will do you a world of good. It has already put some color into Amanda’s cheeks.”

Libby almost spewed her orange juice at this remark, and Libby looked up to catch a blush and a shared glance between Amanda and Henry. It was clear she bore him no ill will, though. Libby had to wonder what sort of family this was.

Libby had to wonder also, what would it be like to be stripped and flogged across her bottom by a man? She’d had little experience with corporal punishment of any kind, except for one recent embarrassing incident. But that had been at the hands of girls her own age. It was the idea of being dominated, denuded by a man, especially one so virile, handsome and mature as Uncle Henry that intrigued her. To be stripped to a state of such utter vulnerability and then punished in such a shameful and intimate way, her womanly charms fully exposed to his gaze—what would that be like? Why did the thought make her heart pound and her womanly parts become sticky and slick? She couldn’t get it out of her mind.

Seeing Amanda punished in that way – by a man, no less! It made Libby think. She had to admit to herself something she’d never told anyone, and that was that the whole idea of spanking excited her. Growing up, she’d had no experience with any kind of physical punishment at all. But very recently she had engaged in some delicious and secretive games with other girls, and that experience had been a revelation– and very different. But those games, well …. it was not anything she’d even told Amanda about yet.

* * *

It had happened only months ago, at a winter break. A girls boarding school can be a dull place, especially around holidays when most students went home or visited friends. This particular holiday, Libby had been stranded at Litchfield. A few other sophomore girls were there as well, left to fend for themselves over a long dreary winter week.

Penny Hardesty and Evie Deschamps were friends of Libby’s, and the three of them had banded together in an attempt to come up with a plan to have some fun. Penny was just the type of girl naturally inclined to seek out some sort of deviltry to get into. A naturally mischievous sort, she went looking for trouble and usually managed to find it. Libby wasn’t one to get into mischief herself, but boredom coupled with curiosity got the better of her this time.

Penny’s claim was that she knew where to find some alcohol right there on campus. This was the real stuff, wine imported from France.

“But Penny,” said Libby, “that’s illegal now. Where in the world is it?” Since prohibition, all alcohol, whether bathtub gin or fine French wine, had been banned for public or private consumption. While in many quarters the new law was openly scorned, it would be expected that no illegal alcohol would be found on the premises of a prestigious girls’ school. At least this is what Libby assumed.
Penny had grinned triumphantly. “There is a secret cache of fine wine, right here at Litchfield,” she said. Then she proceeded to explain.

“In the main hall where the school president’s office is, there are stairs leading to a basement. In the basement is a wine cellar. They keep it a secret, but it has been there since before prohibition. Old Mrs. Howard, the president of Litchfield, likes to imbibe, at least that’s what I hear. They keep it for wealthy alumni too, to soften them up when they’re pushing for a big contribution to the endowment fund.”

“Gee, that’s swell, Penny, but how do we get it?” Her friend Evie was skeptical.

“If we can get into the main hall, it’s duck soup, girls. The cellar isn’t locked.”

“How do you know all this?”

Penny explained that once she had demerits to work off, and they were put to work sweeping out the basement as punishment. Work parties on Saturday were the official sanction for demerits for boarders at Litchfield.

“I started nosing around while I was working down there, and voila, there it was! So what do you say, chums? Shall we lift some hootch?”

It seemed an exciting bit of dangerous fun to Libby, but it proved to be deceptively simple. Except for a few boarders and a skeleton crew of staff, everyone was gone on holiday. So, at the end of the very next day, three giggling girls snuck into the main hall and found the stairway down. The wine cellar was there as promised. A half hour later the girls were back in the dorm, elated at the liberation of a dozen bottles from dusty racks near the back of the cellar where the light was bad. “They’ll never know they are missing,” declared Penny.

Later that night the party got underway. They gathered in Penny’s room in their nightgowns, sat on the floor, uncorked a couple of bottles, and started to pass them around. The noise attracted another girl, Jane Dougall, a friend of Penny’s. They gossiped and drank, and it did not take long before they all became a little tipsy.

“We’d better be quiet,” said Jane. “Victoria is here.”

Victoria Jameson was the dorm monitor, also known as Vicki, the head girl. A senior girl from a prominent Rhode Island family, she was a real stickler for the rules. Penny, who had little respect for what she considered were petty ordinances, had clashed with her several times.

“Vicki can go you know where,” said Penny.

“Has she given you demerits?” asked Libby.

“She gave her more than that,” said Jane in a dry tone that implied there was much more to the story.

“What do you mean?”

“Victoria can be a rather nasty sort,” said Jane, “and she has a unique way of dealing with some of the younger girls. Rather than issuing demerits she’ll bring out that tappette of hers, won’t she Penny?”

“What’s a tappette?” said Libby, now really intrigued.

“If you must know,” said Penny, “it’s a thin wooden paddle. It’s a French thing, narrow like a ruler, flaring out wider at the end. It is used to punish children.”

Libby put her hand to her mouth. “Oh, my,” she said, the realization hitting her.

“Yes,” said Jane, “our miss Vicki likes to spank the younger girls. I think she likes it. She gives them a choice and most of them go for it rather than take the demerits. I saw little Dorothy Beauchamp go into her room several weeks ago. When she came out her eyes were watery and she was rubbing her behind.”

“What about you, Penny. Did she…?”

“If you must know, yes. I had to touch my toes and take ten good stingers from Vicki for a harmless prank. It hurt, but it was better than demerits,” said Penny, shrugging as if it were nothing.

“My goodness,” said Libby. “I’ve never been spanked. Ever. Is it bad?”

Penny grinned. It was an oddly lewd expression. “It’s not so bad. There can be compensations.” She swiveled around. “Can’t there, girls?” There were knowing smiles all around. “In fact,” said Penny. “Let’s play a game.” She got up, went over to her vanity, rifled through a drawer and came back with a deck of cards. “We’ll play hearts, but with loser forfeits.”

“Oooh, Penny, what’s the forfeit?” said Evie, gleefully clapping.

“Loser draws a card. That card is the number of spanks she gets from each of us. Then a second card. If it is black, she keeps her pants on, but if it is red…”

“She gets it bare bum!” said Jane, excitedly.

“That’s right, sister. On her bare little bottom,” smirked Penny.

“Really?” said Libby, not knowing what to make of all this.

“You’re not chicken, are you?” said Penny.

That was the last thing Libby wanted – to be shamed for being “chicken,” especially with the other girls willing to go along. She agreed to play.

The cards were dealt and the game began. The first loser turned out to be Evie. There was much giggling and snickering as Evie prepared to meet her fate.

“All right, Evie, pick a card,” said Penny holding out the deck.

“Uh, oh,” Evie said, as she pulled a nine out of the deck.

“And now the all-important next card,” announced Penny like a carnival barker. It was the three of hearts. Evie grimaced and blushed.

“Ok, girl, time to pay up,” said Penny gleefully. “Over here.”

Penny sat on the bed and a red-faced Evie came over. She wore a short nightdress which Penny flipped up as Evie went over Penny’s knee. Underneath were some lacy tap pants. “Just like momma used to do, Evie. Remember? When was the last time you had a good bottom spanking?”

“I’ll get you, just you wait, Penny,” said Evie.

Jane laughed at Evie’s predicament while Libby was silent, watching in wide-eyed wonder.

Penny slipped down Evie’s lacy step-ins to reveal a cute pair of nicely rounded fanny cheeks. Penny patted Evie’s seat and said, “Are you ready? Nine smackers. Here we go!”

Smack! Penny’s hand made a loud sharp sound as it impacted Evie’s bottom.

“One,” she said, and slowly raised her hand to deliver number two. The spanks were delivered slowly with much mock ceremony and giggling, even from Evie interspersed with squeals of “Ouch!” Libby observed that with every loud splat Evie yelped and wiggled her fanny. The ritual spanking continued until all nine spanks had been doled out.

“There!” said Penny after smacking Evie’s bottom for the ninth and last time. “Your turn, Jane,” she trilled.

Jane spanked differently, choosing to plant nine spanks rapid fire on alternating cheeks of Evie’s cute behind.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” yelped Evie, reacting instantly to the staccato barrage of spanks with fluttering feet and much squirming. After Jane was done, Evie jumped up and rubbed. “Ouch, you meanie!” she exclaimed. Jane and Penny laughed. “Your turn will come,” she threatened, but Libby did not miss the fact that she was grinning as she said it.

“Your turn, Libby. Give her a good one,” said Penny with a grin on her face.

Libby sat down and Evie went across her lap. She wasn’t prepared for the intimate contact of girl to girl flesh as Evie settled across her thighs. It sent a thrill like an electric charge coursing through her. Even more arousing was the feel of Evie’s bare bottom as she placed her hand on it. The flesh was soft and rubbery and Libby couldn’t help squeezing Evie’s bottom, getting a feel for how she should do this.

“Ooh, that feels good, Libby. Don’t stop,” said Evie.

“Don’t listen to her, Libby. Give her a good shellacking. Go ahead, she won’t break,” said an excited Penny.

Libby raised her arm and gave Evie’s cute fanny a tentative smack.

Penny snorted. “You call that a spanking? Go ahead, smack her for real!”

Evie twisted her head around. “That’s all right, Libby. Go on. I don’t mind.”

Evie’s eyes were shiny, her face was flushed, and Libby noticed moisture on the lips of her quim. The scent of musk was heavy in the air. It was at that moment that Libby realized the power of this sensual game. Evie wanted to be spanked, and spanked hard. It excited her. Libby laid on eight more spanks in deliberate fashion, planting each one on a separate area of Evie’s bottom, marveling at the rose colored splotches her palm made. By the time she was done, Evie’s bottom was a dull red and hot to the touch.

They drank more wine. The game became louder and more raucous. Then it was Libby’s turn as the loser. Her heart was in her throat and her pulse pounded as she went over Penny’s knees for her first ever bare bottom spanking. She’d drawn a King, by rule twelve spanks.

“Oh, I will enjoy this,” said Penny. “What a peach of a fanny!” She patted and stroked Libby’s cute rear end as she said it.

Libby shifted nervously, awaiting her first ever real spanking. Her head was swimming, partly from the alcohol, partly from the excitement coupled with fear as to what this new experience would bring.

In a sudden burst, smack! Smack! Smack! Penny’s palm spanked Libby’s bottom three times in rapid succession. Libby’s head jerked up at the sudden blast of sensation. It stung! Not so bad, though. Libby felt a flush of heat at her core. Penny laid on another three spanks, waited, then did it again and a third time. By the time she was done, Libby’s behind tingled and her breathing had become shallow. A warmth spread from her behind to her crotch. She felt herself becoming wet, and the other two spankings added fuel to the fire. Her bottom became progressively hotter as Jane, then Evie took their turns administering the forfeit of twelve spanks. The spanks stung, but it was a nice sting. Each smack produced a shockwave of tingly heat that blossomed out from her behind and found its way to her moistening pussy. But by the time they had finished, she almost wished it would continue. Her sit spot throbbed with a glowing heat and so did her pussy when she sat back down to resume the game.

One at a time, each of the girls went over each other’s laps amid much mirthful playfulness, and endured having their nightgowns lifted, their drawers pulled down, and their bare bottoms spanked until all sported rosy red fannies and they were pleasantly inebriated.

Libby was floating along in an alcoholic haze, pleasantly high, and more than a little aroused when the door was abruptly flung open and a voice said, “What is the meaning of this?” The girls instantly realized their boisterous carrying on must have filtered upstairs, reaching the ears of Victoria Jameson, for it was she who now stood in the doorway accompanied by another senior girl and cohort named Catherine Howell. Libby’s eyes fell to the object in her hand. It was a tappette.

“Well, well. If it isn’t Miss Hardesty,” she said with a smirk on her face at having caught them red handed. She picked up an empty bottle and sniffed it. “Is this wine? Have you girls been drinking?” She turned to her friend and said, “Catherine, what do you suppose the penalty is for drinking illegal alcohol on campus?”

Catherine Howell shook her head and said, “Probably expulsion, but if not, more demerits than you could ever imagine.”

In the end Vicki confiscated what was left and made her demand. “For you nasty little sophs I’ll let you off easy. We won’t tell, but you’ll strip off everything right now and bend over for it. That’s right, I want you bare naked for twenty hard smacks with my tappette,” she said with an evil glint in her eye. “I’m going to set your little fannies on fire.”

“Twenty!” said Penny. “Absolutely outrageous.”

Vicki shrugged. “Take it or leave it,” she said.

They really had no choice. Vicki could just tell on them which could have been devastating, or they could bend and bare it. They chose the paddling.

After they stripped completely naked, adding a healthy bit of shame to the penalty, she told them to get in a line with some separation between them. Libby obeyed. What else could she do? She stripped off everything down to her bare skin. So did the others, until they all stood there stark naked awaiting the next order. The command to bend over was given and the four girls bent grasping their knees, four sets of bare bottoms thrust out and ready for punishment.

“What’s this I see? Have you girls been playing at spanking games?”

Uh, oh, thought Libby. She can see our seats are already red.

“Well, this is no game, ladies. You are going to be punished now for real, right Catherine?”

“Quite right, Vicki. I expect you make those fannies very hot and stinging. They deserve it, the scummy little baggage.”

“I’ll start with you Miss Hardesty. Stick it out nicely for me now, if you please,” said Vicki, tapping Penny’s rear with the paddle.

Crack! The sound was explosive and Libby flinched.

“Yeow!” cried Penny.

“How did you like that, Hardesty? Here’s number two.”

Smack! The paddle struck Penny’s buttocks again, momentarily flattening the flesh. Libby shivered in fear. Her turn was coming.

The smacks from Vicki’s paddle turned out to be very different from the playful hand spanks from Libby’s friends. Each one stung like a touch by a hot iron, and it was all Libby could do to hold back the tears. The pain rose with each lick until by the count of five it seemed unbearable.

It was a lurid scene – four girls, stark naked, standing in a row, bent over with bottoms thrust out and a grinning senior girl dishing out spanks with her paddle to each girl in turn. She doled out the punishment in sets of five. Each had to grit her teeth, hold on to her knees and take five brisk swats with the tappette. Each smack landed on bare flesh with a loud crack that sounded like a branch snapping, and the accompanying yelp confirmed the swat’s effectiveness as punishment. Once Vicki had gone down the line, she started over and applied another set of five swats to each bare bottom until all four girls had been given twenty licks with the stinging bat.

By the time Vicki finished, no one could hold back the tears, nor avoid clenching, shuffling and shifting from foot to foot in an almost comical attempt to alleviate the sting. Several times Vicki had to admonish them.

“Hold still and stick it out, girls, or I’ll give extras.” Somehow they all got through it.
Then Victoria left with the confiscated contraband, and there they were -- four naked girls, sniffling, rubbing their inflamed bottoms and trying to console each other.
So Libby is not entirely a spanko virgin, as we had initially suspected. Next week, we travel back to the present.
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