Saturday, July 7, 2018

You Completed the Caption

Baxter: The naughty girls had heard about an aqua therapy that worked wonders on skin by toughening it up. They thought of their bottoms and how much spankings hurt and gave the therapy a try by going in the pool and letting the water cover their bare bottoms.Little did they know that the water did the opposite of what was claimed (truth in advertising?) and made their bottoms more sensitive. Their next spankings were quite the painful experience with the result of rosy red sore bottoms and the inability to sit down comfortably for a long time

j.stern: A hundred of Garra rufa fish (used in fish pedicures), severely starved as usual, have been dropped in the pool and are already delighted to taste such mouthwatering pairs of buttocks.

KDPierre: And with one bold, downward tug, the auditions for the water ballet version of "50 Shades of Gray" were under way..... even as the producers wrestled with the improbable mechanics of how a spanking could be delivered underwater.

NoraJean: Now for some naked synchronized swimming ... bums up!

Sir Wendel: The gals decided a bit of pre-cooling treatment was needed before their spankings.

Rosco: So so happy my goggles didn’t fog up today. Now how long can I hold my breath? Long enough for 8 kisses?

Hermione: Underwater spankings were the latest fad at the Maple Leaf Spanking Club, and there was always a lineup.
From Hermione's Heart

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