Monday, July 9, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 8

Who buys the implements? Let's see:

Anon 1: I purchase all the implements.

Arched one: About 50/50. If I finds an implement I'd like her to use I'll buy it. If she finds something she wants to use on me she buys it.

NoraJean: I can't remember who bought our very first implement for our 'bedroom only D/s' kink we started over 20 yrs ago; it's a crop and since there was no online ordering in those days, I suspect it was Frank because I'd have been too shy. I do know it was bought from the local feed and tack store. About the same time, I did make us a flogger out of recycled leather from the second hand store. Now in our new ttwd path, we have just recently acquired new implements. Two that I purchased online ... a paddle and a strap ... and one pervertable Frank has retrieved from his garden greenhouse ... a whippy little bamboo tomato stake ... Yeouch! ... Frank also has his eye on a split tawse ... I'll have to do the ordering as he is not an online shopper. I think I'll wait until he insists ;))

Windy: Well, I am a newbie, so I have taken advice from blogs.

First, it was on Amy's blog, but was a post by Bonnie. A leather over wood hairbrush paddle appropriately named THUD. He mostly stays in the drawer as he is very heavy duty.

Then, mostly recently, again on Amy's blog, she has something called Sir Strap. We have not named ours yet, but he is a serious fella, but it is actually working out quite nicely here according to me and to Storm.

Storm does all the actual purchasing... and did research on the 2nd implement as well beforehand. That's our story.

Fondles: We have both bought spanking implements, separately as well as together.

Roz: We have mostly purchased implements together, though I have purchased a couple on my own.

Sir Wendel: We both buy spanking implements. It is especially fun to buy the household items that are great for spanking.

Bonnie: Randy jokes, "If you bring one more implement into this house, I'm going to beat your butt with it." The truth is that we both do, usually separately, but occasionally together.

Baxter: My wife was along when I looked at the wooden spoon in the hardware store and when I looked at the wooden paddle in the cooking store. And then in preparation for my knee operation, we bought this very long shoe horn, probably 2.5 feet long, and my wife has been spanking me with that ever since. Very stingy.

Minelle: Most of our implements have actually been gifts.....
I really want to purchase a few fun ones from the net.

Ronnie: We've both bought separately and a couple of times together.

Subone: He tells me what he wants and I try and find it. When I find it and he says ok I buy it.

Anon 2: Most I buy ! some we buy together. When we buy together he has to make sure the clerk knows that they will be used on him. Funny how many different reactions that can get.

A.J.: Together. But rarely as all my SO's (and me, too!) prefer the bare hand.

The one time I demonstrated some "independent initiative" was the one time I told you about in a real-life story where I got the owner of an antiques store involved. Uhhhhh... Yeah. That was a mistake. A BIG one.

Yorkie: Even though I am the one who is spanked I am the driver in our activities and I am the one who buys the implements.

Rosco: I have purchased most of them for my wife Irene to use on me as she sees fit. Originally spanking was my idea, but she might even enjoy it more than I do at this point.

At first she used hairbrushes and ping pong paddles, but then we happened to be alone in the tack room at a place where horses were kept. Nervously she thrashed my bottom with a riding crop hoping nobody would hear. A few weeks later Irene sent me out to buy one. (This was mid 80’s well before online shopping.) I was plenty nervous at the western store as a sexy full figured young woman “helped” me. She offered to show me how much a certain crop would sting, then quickly laughed it off. I bought two crops that day which we kept for some time.

Nowadays buying online or at an adult store is no big deal.

Irene also instructs me to look for switches when we’re out hiking. In our area, wild plum trees often have straight supple shoots in late spring.

She has a strong preference for round handles, and we have yet to find a strap that is totally suitable. I continue to look.

For us it’s mostly whips etc. rather than paddles these days. I wonder how others feel.

I love it when she tells me what implements to get for her and to strip and stand in her closet and wait to be punished.

Hermione: I have bought all the implements we use. I love to shop, but Ron only shops when he needs something, and we certainly don't need any more spanking implements! When we shop together and pass by the kitchen utensils or the bath accessories, he may point out a spoon, spatula or bath brush and grin suggestively, so that's something! I haven't bought any for a long time; we have more than enough.

Anon 3: My wife always, and when I'm present. She has a particular store, the ladies all know her, even have suggestions. It is a reminder that she is in charge, and does not care if others know, I think she enjoys that part.

Thank you all for joining in the discussion, and special thanks to Rosco for a brunch idea.
From Hermione's Heart

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