Monday, July 23, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 22

Do you ever ask for a spanking?

Anon: The only time I wanted to be spanked was when I was dating. An older woman I was seeing, relationship lasted about two years. It was several months into the relationship and she would at times remind me to act more my age or she would address the problem. A couple of times she said a spanking would do you good, serious tone of voice. Well one Saturday morning I went to the kitchen naked, she looked at me, I just said so you want to spank me, I’m ready. It was my biggest mistake, she did spank me, I was rubbing and dancing around afterwards, she said that would not be the last time she would spank me. I was heading back to the bedroom, she stopped me, told me to face the wall, I looked at her, a few more spanks and I was soon facing the wall.

Fondles: If I'm in need of a reset or some stress relief (and BIKSS isn't quite on to me yet) then I'll ask and tell him the reason.

If I'm feeling penitent I'll ask too.

Sometimes if he's had a rough day and I'm not quite in the right mindset despite needing a spanking, I put it off cos I don't want to add on to his "burden" of having to GET me in the spankee frame of mind on top of having to physically do the spanking after his long day.

Most of the time tho, he's quite clue-y and I think around 80% of the time he's aware when I'm in need of a spanking.

Yorkie: I used to ask for them all the time but there has been the odd occasion when she has suggested it.

Lately the kids (all adults now) have been leaving us home alone, almost on a weekly basis, so she assumes (correctly!) that I want to be spanked while they're out.

Amy: I used to have this idea that if I had to ask for something, it wasn't authentic. In other words, I would never know if Eric was doing it because he wanted to or because I asked for it. Fortunately, he's gotten me over that silliness. Now, if I'm feeling off, I just let him know what I need. He's so glad to have the blue print. "Why wait for me to figure it out?" he's said numerous times. "Then we both feel bad if I miss your signs. Just tell me and we can cut out all the wasted hinting around." It's a good thing.

Baxter: Yes I ask for spankings. I first asked early in our marriage and my wife said no, that it is perverted. So probably a couple decades went by and she asked to look at one of my spanking fiction books. She read a bit and then said she understood and to bend over the bed, which I did and she spanked me. Since then and that was probably 15 years ago, I have asked and she has willingly paddled my bottom when I ask. This morning I playfully gave her some lip and she grabbed a metal spatula and told me to grab onto the sink and she warmed my bottom. So yes, I ask for spankings as that is about the only way I will get one to satisfy my want and need.

Hermione: In the early days I did have to ask on occasion. Nowadays they are a regular occurrence so I no longer need to request one. I get more than enough!

Thank you for joining in this weekend!
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I missed the original question. I like to imagine it’s against my will. Spanking is pretty much always a form of foreplay and I know if I complain or resist I’ll just get more. I do love an e tended intense spanking, but then I do feel it for days after.

If I crave a spanking at another time, like before going off to work, I’ll confess to some minor transgression like not having time to wash Irene’s panties. She’ll get the hint and usually I’ll get spanked. But sometimes life’s distractions cause a delay.


ronnie said...


I have asked especially when I need a stress spanking but I don't know as P knows when I need one.