Sunday, July 1, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #234

Welcome to our weekly get-together. This weekend we are celebrating Canada Day as well as spanking. so let the party begin! This question is for both spankers and spankees, so feel free to respond in whichever way is appropriate for you.

Have you ever refused a spanking? What were the circumstances for the refusal? Is it something that happens often, or was this a one-off? Were there any repercussions?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once the fireworks are over.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Well, we don't do punishments or discipline. All my spankings are for fun and erotic purposes and I am the one calling the shots. However, my wife will occasionally suggest that seeing as the house is empty we know but with recent family trouble I wasn't in the mood when she suggested this the other day so I guess I did "refuse" but as it turned out, a few hours later I was in the mood and we did have some fun.
Consequences? None what so ever. :) Just another delightful spanking from my wife and some great sex afterwards. Who could ask for more?


Anonymous said...

Last night, i was harshly punished. Without going into details i deserved every bruise i wear today. My wife was furious that i had too many beers at our sons ( 13 & 14 ) swim meets and instead of calling her i drove home. Two hours later my father in law came over took the boys to their house for their usual weekend. The moment they left ,
it was 10 pm but she took a belt, a paddle and her hand to my ass.
Usually in the morning, after a spanking all is well. Not today. She bent me over the sink in the kitchen and used belt on my already bruised ass. Then she left me drove to her folks for the weekend and left me a list of chores that were to be done by the time she comes bak on monday.


Windy said...

Nope, not yet! I don't plan to either! Yikes!

Bonnie said...

Yes, it's happened. I have the right and the responsibility to safeword out if I am truly in trouble. There have been times when I felt sick or hurting in a place I'm not supposed to hurt or too exhausted or stressed out. I try to always accept his percussive gifts graciously, but there are rare occasions when a spanking just isn't what I need.

The only repercussions are that I get the spanking a different day.

Roz said...

Happy Canada Day Hermione and Ron.

I don't know I can recall actually refusing a spanking in the past, but I have certainly protested a spanking on many occasions. Let's just say, the spanking always happened regardless.


Fondles said...

I think there was ONE occasion when things weren't quite right "mentally" for both of us and that spanking went horribly wrong.

I did call a stop to it because it was hurting in a way that it wasn't supposed to.

The result was a good and heartfelt conversation and a proper makeup spanking the day after. Looking back I'm glad it didn't spell the end of spankings for us forever.

Happy Canada Day!

WendelJones said...

If one of us is sick then the spankings get postponed.

Baxter said...

very rarely do I refuse a playful spanking from my wife as she does not spank me as often as I want. So when she grabs an implement or suggests I need a spanking, I bare my bottom and let her have at.

abby said...

I have a safe word to stop a spanking, although I have never used it, I have no doubts that it would stop one immediately. There have been rare times when I am just 'not int the mood'...M knows just how to change that mood, with some playful fum...hugs abby

Anonymous said...

Has it ever happened? Sure! I/we only spank for the sexiness of it, but if one of us is not in the mood or other events getting in the way mentally or health-wise, nothing happens.


Anonymous said...

I can’t think of a time, but it may have happened once or twice in the last 38 years when Irene has been spanking me, paddling me, tying me up, whipping me etc.

All I can think is sometimes I’ll ask if I can take a shower first - I like to feel clean. I love it when she’s been working out or doing something that makes her a bit sweaty- especially between the legs.

- Rosco