Monday, October 15, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 14

Do you have any nicknames for your implements?

Yorkie: I never thought of that to be honest. I might have to think of some names but I'm sure my wife won't remember them!

Roz: That's a fun question Hermione. Sadly I don't have a fun answer, we haven't named any implements.

Bogey: Most of ours have descriptive names. Nothing clever. Principals, Teachers, Red, Holey, etc.

Jack: If “Mrs Hairbrush” counts that is the only name I know of. My wife states that when I’m going to be getting a spanking. “Mrs Hairbrush” is needed again and I dread those words.

Princessimp: We have a "domestic discipline paddle" from the London Tanners. Does "that big, bad, mean, awful paddle" count as a name? Yikes.

NoraJean: No special names here as yet ... except maybe to note that 'the' belt, although no longer one that Frank wears, is still mentioned as being 'his' belt. Maybe its that personal connection that makes it my dreaded favourite :))

Sir Wendel: The Misses refers to our paddle as the “big boy” once in a while.

Minelle: No names...but I say ‘Ronnie’s spoon, or Blondie's paddle, Sunny’s present, Cat’s gift—or- well you get my point! Lol

Bernie: "Blackie" was the name coined for the Neoprene paddle we got 15 - 20 years ago. The name was usually used in a statement like "Blackie will be paying you a visit when you get home."

Ronnie: There is only one of our implements we have a name for - 'Bogie's paddle' because it was a gift from him.

Hermione: Ron calls our dogging bat the "Weed Whacker". The black leather paddle is "Black Beauty" and the carpet beater is the "Whistler" because of the sound it makes.

From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

DH sends me to retrieve "The Beast" when I'm really bad. None of our other implements have names.