Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reality TV and Spanking

Wouldn't it be funny if, during an episode of a reality show, the participants unexpectedly discovered that TTWD goes on?

Maybe on an episode of Hoarders, the declutterers uncover a stash of spanking implements beneath the piles of old newspapers.

"I wondered where those paddles had got to. What? Yes, I do need thirty, as a matter of fact."

Or perhaps on House Hunters, the couple looking for a larger house is shown that special room on the third floor. Pity the poor real estate agent trying to sell this property.

"Er, yes, this furniture is a little unusual. The straps are probably removable.  I'm not sure why they have those chains hanging from the ceiling, but you can easily covert this space into... Come to think of it, I guess this is the Master suite.

I actually saw a similar scene on a show in which the adult children arrange for their parents to go out of town, then hire a team to renovate and update their old-fashioned home. The children and decorators were in their parents' bedroom, and the son reached under the bed and pulled out a container.

"Oops!" he said, and slid the box back under. We never found out what secrets were stored inside, but my guess is their spanking secret was exposed along with the dust bunnies!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

This weekend my wife and I were "dog sitting" watching my son's dog. He let us borrow a cage as well. When our guests arrived for our 4th of July party, one quick witted guest said, "That's where L (my wife) puts Joey if he does not behave. Everyone laughed and I turned several shades of red with embarrassment.

Hermione said...

Joey - Oh, dear, that was hitting close to home! I'm sure you and L were the only ones who thought it wasn't a vanilla remark.


Anonymous said...

My wife quickly agreed with the comment; fortunately, the cage was for a Yorky and not a St Bernard. LOL.

Rusty Nale said...

That's really interesting (and funny). I had a very similar experience when I was a Realtor. I had a couple that I had been showing houses to forever - I mean for many months - nothing pleased them. We went to a home we had looked at before, and on this particular visit, the husband wanted to see the detached garage again (there was an attached on as well, but he thought the other would make a nice studio for him - an artist). We went in yet again, but this time, behind a curtain that we were told before was just storage - was NOT ... the dungeon to end all dungeons - benches, horses, stockades, crosses, numerous floggers, paddles and canes ... I gulped and looked away.
It was at that point when the husband looked at his wife and mumbled something about putting an end to the endless house hunting ... we wrote an offer on the spot.


Cash In The Attic, with the participants selling off their collection of unique spanking memorabilia would be interesting.

"This is a single tailed whip, used and signed by The Marquis de Sade. Will anyone start me at $200"


Meow said...

Right now we can't find our Loopy Johnny, so I'm expecting it to show up at the most inappropriate moment when our kids are here or we have guests!

K's sweetie said...


Bobbie Jo said...

I guess you never know what you are going to find in the attic, closet, under the rug, etc. in a house for sale. Looks like Mr. Artist was into more than just painting. LOL

Raven Red said...

Uncle Nick sent me a rattan cane all the way from the UK. For it to straighten out properly, I was instructed to gently bend it back in shape as far as possible and then hang it up. The only place I could think of was my clothing cupboard.

I hid it away behind all the clothes, and it did work for a while, until my brother decided to help clear my cupboard out for a charity donation.

I nearly took his hand off in the process of slamming the cupboard door close...

Hermione said...

Joey - I'm glad you weren't dog-sitting a Leonberger!

Rusty Nale - Who knew that feature would beat location, location, location?

Prefectdt - That show would be a winner!

Meow - Did you look on the coffee table? That's our dumpimg ground.

K's Sweetie - Welcome and thanks.

Bobbie Jo - I wonder if his wife knew about his preferences.

Raven - You got there in the Nick of time!


Texringer said...

My husband and I have a pact: assuming one of us dies first, the surviving partner will dispose of all our "toys" before any of the kids get to look around. If the unlikely happens and that person finds another spanking partner (we're both around 60 already), new toys will be purchased.

Hermione said...

Texringer - Welcome! Planning ahead is an excellent idea.


Daisychain said...

Oh MY!!
We actually have a game show programme here in the UK, called Deal or No Deal, in which the object of the game is to "spank the banker"! It is of course, metaphorical, it means to beat the banker by winning as much money from him as possible, but I love seeing the reactions on different contestants faces as they are invited to "give the banker a good spanking"!!!
Re:- Texringer's comment, what worries ME is if we both died unexpectedly together, there would be no-one to hide the evidence, and my kids would, on top of being terribly upset, have all their happy memories overshadowed by this image of their mum being in a spanking relationship!!!! They have always cringed at the thought of their parents having SEX, lol, so add this graphic thought of specific sexual practices to the pot and they would be HORRIFIED!!!xxx

Hermione said...

Daisy - I have heard of that show. It must be so much fun to hear that phrase over and over.

Yes, it would be a problem if you both go together. As for parents having sex, Most kids hope it isn't true!


Lea said...

I know a few tops who need to go on Hoarders, owning more than 10 hairbrushes is clearly the sign of a problem. Lol.

Baby Girl said...

ROFLMAO and I can't stop!

Hermione said...

Lea - I think it's a sign of being well-prepared. Were they once Boy Scouts? :)

Baby Girl - I'm glad you like it!