Monday, October 27, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 26

How do your family pets react to your spankings? Let's see what you said:

Simon: I don't have any pets but years ago I visited a Mistress who had a cat. Normally it wouldn't pay any attention to what we were up to. One day though I was tied naked to the bed,face down and Mistress had disappeared somewhere. The cat came in and decided that it would climb onto me and go to sleep, I just had to lie there as motionless as possible as I was terrified that if disturbed it would stick its claws into my already very sore bottom.When Mistress re-entered the room she burst out laughing which disturbed the cat who ran off, thankfully without sticking its claws in. We decided that cat bondage was probably not something that we would make a regular part of our sessions.

Six of the best: I am sure many a pet, if they could talk in our language would say "The cat's meow", "hot dog", "makes horse sense", "a bird's eye view", etc.

Downunder Don: I think that Jett, our rescue dog, has been subject to some sort of abuse before we got him. Consequently if there is ever a raised hand or angry word he totally freaks out. Because of that he gets a treat and is quietly locked out if there is any spanking activity happening.

Minelle: If we are in the Living Room the dogs may try and go for either of us. No teeth just plenty of aggression. They aren't sure who to protect!

mouse: We don't play around with the dogs around. Both are very protective and we never want to undermine that. 
That's also because we go pretty far beyond spanking :)

Abby: The cat does not like to be in the same room we are playing in. If we choose a room she is already settled in, she gives us a 'look' as she saunters out.

Baxter: Our Samoyed runs away to the furthest part of the house when my wife starts spanking me, or the rare time I spank my wife. The dog was abused prior to our rescue-adopting him so it is probably a natural response.

Anon: I'm happy that i don't have any pets.

Arched one: Love having coffee and listening to others comments on pets. I wonder if one had a pet that watched one being spanked would that be something like your sister-in-law or mother-in-law watching? We don't have any pets so I can't add to the comments.

Ronnie: No pets now but when we had our German Shepherd we had to lock her away in another room as she was very protective.

S: D had left me, tied over a low stool, my bare bottom really smarting from a good slippering he had given me. Then I realised that our dog, Jack was in the room; he came over to me, and started licking my burning cheeks; his gentle wet tongue had a magic, soothing effect. I purred with pleasure, and even more so when a wet cold nose started to probe between my cheeks. I was getting very excited, when D came back, took Jack away, and finished the job himself.

Roz: We have two cats and as Abby said, they usually don't like to be in the same room and give us a look before leaving.

*Bonnie*: Love this question! We have two dogs and their reaction is very different. Our little dog leaves the room quickly at the first sign. Our other dog is a boxer and he's totally into it. He loves to watch and often tries to join in.

Dana: My male dog is very protective of me so he has to be put out when a spanking is due. He will bark at Steve, try to bite at the implement or wedge himself between us. On one occasion, he even laid down across my butt to protect it.

My female dogs and the cat, on the other hand, just ignore it.

Hermione: We once had a black cat that would swat my husband with his paw if anything physical was taking place. We thought that was so funny it often put an end to the proceedings, at least until puss had left the room. Our dogs are always put into their crates, out of earshot, before we begin, because Fang would be upset by the noise and Fluffy would try to join in the fun.

Those are all amusing tales! I was hoping to hear a bird story, so if there is anyone who has a pet bird with an opinion about spanking, I would love to know.

From Hermione's Heart

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K8 said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry I missed this topic. Both my kitties and my partner's cat generally take off for the other room when spankings and other beatings are afoot. Too noisy. However, we also do petplay, and the first time we tried a buttplug with a beautiful long and full fluffy tail attached, his cat came wandering into the room and stopped dead. We have this great picture of the cat looking up at my butt in horror as though to say "is... is there a whole cat in there?"