Saturday, October 18, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This picture produced an overwhelming response from you, dear readers.

Arched one: I was naughty the other day and didn't iron his white shirt.
Oh my, you didn't. That will get you spanked.
I know, that is what I want.

Sweet Pea: Why do you have that devilish smirk upon your face?
Because...the maid that spilled the tea has an appointment with the cane.

GaryNTboy: 'Honestly Mary, I have had to put padding in my bustle just so I can sit with comfort after last nights spanking'.

Minelle: I never imagined a spanking could be so wonderful!

Six of the best: "Tonight my husband has promised to give me a good spanking on my bare bottom as a loving birthday present. " said one lady to the other.

Leigh: Lord, I can't wait to get some of these clothes off, it's too darn hot.

Nina: I have cut out all the pictures of my husband's newspaper. He will be pretty miffed and I have placed his best cane on the bed, just to make sure I get what I deserve.

Rollin: "Don't smirk at me, Isabelle. You try balancing a hat made out of a whole flower garden on your head and see how dumb you look."

Dr. Ken: Lady in the flowered hat SAYS:
"He's so sweet, and he always says, 'I forgive you, darling', when what I REALLY want him to do is throw me over his lap, pull my skirt up and my bloomers down, and give me the spanking of my life! But of course he'd never do that."
Lady in white THINKS:
"Oh, yes he would! But I don't dare tell you how I know that!"

Anon: Mildred! Did you put roofies in the tea again?

Ricky: OK, who is it this time?

Baxter: Lady #1 "Wasn't it fun, the both of us being caned at the same time by our husbands? Good thing we have all these layers of clothes on to cushion our sore bottoms from these benches?"
Lady #2 "Oh yes, let's do it again sometime. Maybe your husband can cane me and mine cane you? Oh how much fun."

Mitch: You see, Josie, I remove my outer coat and hat while he is undressing. Then I stripe him with my cane. I will never allow him to be the big boss he tries to be. Oh, perhaps in the outside world he can act like that, but not with me.

Sir Wendel: "So I says to him, ‘Take yer bloom’n voice lessons and shove em up yer bloom'n arse’. Then he promptly whipped my bloom’n arse with a cane he did.”
“Oh my!”
Yes sir I tell ya. “In Spain the pain from the cane is mainly on my BLOOM’N ARSE.”

DelFonte: Egged on by her friend, she was tempted to add one more posy of roses to her hat, just to see if she would topple over.

Ronnie: Mother didn't tell me how wonderful it was to be spanked by one's husband.

sub hub: If I sit just like this, the plug feels more full and puts right there.

Kingspan: "Why do you call this the whipping bench, my dear? Is this where the maids are chastised when they're naughty?"

"Um... yes, let's say it's the maids."

Hermione: He'll be surprised when he tries to spank me tonight. I'm wearing my paddle-proof bloomers.

Thank you to everyone who contributed a caption, and for the rest of you, there's always another chance next week.  Please do stay for brunch, coming up next.

From Hermione's Heart

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