Saturday, October 4, 2014

You Completed the Caption

How many accidents did this unusual duo cause? Let's see what you thought.

Simon: We have to go back, I forgot my crash helmet.

Six of the best: Hit the Road, before hitting her bare bottom. Both are my pleasures in my life.

Leigh: Are you sure nobody will notice?

Kingspan: Not wearing a shirt on a motorcycle? That's a paddlin'.
Not wearing pants on a motorcycle? That's a paddlin'.
Not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle? Oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'.

Mitch: "When I said 'get your ass over here right now' that is NOT what I had in mind."

Arched one: As a bike rider you don't ride with no shirt and you have to have long pants. It helps the skin stay in place when you go boom LOL. He should be spanked first for letting her ride that way and she can watch him getting it. Then she should be spanked for being so stupid.

Ronjon: where are the tattoos on her ass?
Get me a belt and I will put some on.

Anon: The number one cause of death in a motorcycle crash is the loss of blood. You're on the right track to proving that point statistical correct.

Smuccateli: Now you know why emergency room personnel refer to bikers as "organ donors."

Nina: Never put a sticker on your license plate! :)

Ronnie: I know you are in a hurry but you could have let me get dressed first.

Blondie: Is the butt too sore to wear pants?

Baxter: Her: Hurry up. I want you riding me instead of the bike and it will be quick since I am hardly wearing anything.
Him: Shut up or I will stop and spank that bare bottom of yours red so the drivers behind us see my hand prints on your broad ass.
Her: Dare you, dare you.
Him: What? Can't hear you over the roar.

Sir Wendel: Not the kind of vibrator Jill had in mind.

A. Lurker: Some Walmartians off to their favourite store!

Dr. Ken: "They stole my clothes! Quick -- follow that car!"

Vfrat25000: The Reverend and Mrs. Podsworth of the Four Triangle Baptist Church always enjoyed their Sunday afternoon bike ride.

Bill and Hillary Clinton wanted to show America that they were just plain folks before Hillary started her serious campaign tour.

Two of three judges rode into town a day early for Whistle Stop Tennessee’s first American Idol Tryouts show. They are booked at the luxurious We Only Bathe Once a Month Bed and Breakfast. All the visiting VIP’s in town stay there.

I see Doctor and Mrs. Tweedwhopper are on the way to the Bent Tree Country Club's first annual mud wrestling and warm beer chugging contest. I wonder if Mrs. Tweedwhopper is wearing a Chanel original. Nobody in our town says fashion like Mrs. Tweedwhopper.

Look at those two characters on that motorcycle!
That’s Ogie and Petunia Slamweller. I don’t know if I have ever seen a closer brother and sister.

Hermione: The signal lights weren't working on Chuck's motorcycle so Delores had to use her bottom as an alternative form of turn indicators.

That was a whirlwind ride! Relax with me over brunch, being served shortly.
From Hermione's Heart

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