Sunday, March 7, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Serving Time, Part III

When we left our convicted arsonist, Fern, she was on her way to a very special kind of reformatory. She had already been given a spanking in the van for attempting to seduce her attendant (read about it here and here) and is still lying across the doctor's lap.

"Can I sit up now, sir?" She asked humbly.
"Only when Rab finds a lay-by," the psychiatrist said.
"We're stopping for a break this soon?" Her watch showed that it was only three quarters of an hour since they'd left the court's busy car park.

The man hoisted her higher upon his knee. "We're stopping so that Rab can warm your arse for your earlier rude words."
"But I was rude to you, not him!" This time Fern risked a reproachful look back at the man - she had to do something!
"True, but I'm delegating the task." He fondled her writhing posterior. "My arm's a little tired, whereas his will be painfully alert. And he does so enjoy chastising a new offender - especially when it's a pretty woman!" He rested a palm on each of her buttocks as if savouring their obvious well-spanked warmth.

...It was awful to lie here knowing that her bum was going to be toasted again...Fern trembled as she heard and felt the van nosing its way into the side of the road. She nibbled at the insides of her cheeks as the engine was switched off and she heard Rab's cabin door opening and closing...

She got to her feet quickly as Rab reached for her right arm.
"Seems I've got to warm your arse for you, darling."
Fern turned to face him, looking up into the eyes of an angry and uneducated man.
"Please," she whispered to Dr. Marshall. "I can't bear to... Can't you spank me again instead!"
"I could but I won't. It wouldn't be as hard or as shaming. And the object is for you to feel shame now. After all, your response for my letting you keep on your pants was a particularly ungrateful one."

"I was grateful really," Fern lied as Dr. Marshall turned her toward the van's open doors. She saw Rab's gloating gaze contemplating the rotundities beneath her raised linen skirt, and decided to say nothing further.
"Right, darling, let's get you down," Rab said...

She kept looking nervously at Dr. Marshall as he scanned the landscape.
"Want to tie her to that tree over there? He asked Rab.
"Nah, I like a bent-over bum. There's a fence round that big tattie field down there," the driver answered...

"Almost there, darling. Ever been bound over to keep the peace before? Makes your arse stick out nice and high for me to toast with my hand."

She stared at the recently mown grass a few feet in front of her. Though she tried to slow her steps, they were taking her closer and closer to the dreaded fence if only she hadn't been rude to Dr. Marshall! If only she hadn't set fire to that store! If only she'd... Fern's mind raced with if onlys, but her bum already knew it was too late.

They reached the gate and Rab pointed to a smooth new piece of fencing along from it. "Out your belly against that, my bonny angel."

Fern looked weakly at Dr. Marshall, who nodded. "Rab's to give you a five minute spanking across a fence for your impertinence." He smiled down at her. "Whilst it's going on, you'll only be able to think of the heat in your poor bottom, how sore it is. But afterwards think of the lesson - reflect on how nice you could have been to me, or to anyone else you interact with."

"Yes sir," Fern muttered.

To be continued....

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hi, Hermione,
Thanks for the excerpts. I'm not in a spanko relationship, but such fiction feeds my fantasies and gets my juices flowing. I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.
Best to you and Ron. Happy spanking.

ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing these Hermione, I'm really enjoying these excerpts from this book.

To be continued, soon I hope.


Hermione said...

Willy - Welcome! I'm glad you like my choices in fiction.

Ronnie - Very soon!