Saturday, March 13, 2010


I don't usually post pictures of naked bottoms, but this one was too good not to share with you. it comes from a popular site called

It's a naughty pose, but isn't intended to be a spanking picture. Or is it?

I saw similar pyjamas offered in a non-kinky gift catalogue last Christmas, so they are available in the vanilla world. Do you have some, or have you considered getting them for yourself or for your spanking partner?

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

OMG! I just posted the exact same picture!
How odd is that??

I will take mine down (it is one of lots on my post) and will re-post it in a few weeks. The world will thank us for spreading the joy over time. I am certain of it.

I love this picture lots and lots. I think it is perfect in a million ways. Great choice. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh and yes, I have some of those - with the drop seat. Horribly useful to Himself, almost too much of a temptation methinks.

Sara said...

Hermione, the picture is charming, and yes I have considered...being a collector of panties and nightwear. BUT, most often spanking is not an activity that leaves me dressed for various reasons, and they look most awkward to get out of once in them. Many thinks to consider with one's evening attire, ya know?

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Not naughty, but cute to me. I bought Becall some a few years back. She always wanted some with feet in them to keep warm. I wanted the drop seat to keep her warm. win-win.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Harmonica, and as Poppy said, the garment creates irresistible temptation in some sorts of person.

Here the pose is somewhat risqué but also innocent and girl-next-doorsy, and I have to think would inspire the urge even in vanilla folks to give her bottom a swat or two.

Hermione said...

Poppy - What a coincidence! It was so kind of you to postpone yours for a few weeks, till readers are ready for another sweet bedtime reminder.

Sara - I too have questioned the logistics, even though I am often partially clothed during spankings. At least the dropdown is better than elasticized.

OBB - I had some too, way back when, strictly for keeping warm in the vanilla sense. Very comfy they were, too.

Devlin - I totally agree. Who wouldn't give that botty a smack?


ronnie said...

Lovely picture Hermione.

Did wonder once about getting a pair but changed mind.

Now if they made trousers I could go to work in with a drop down seat, I'd definitely have a pair. What fun I'd have tempting P.
I wonder, could there be a market for them?

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Michael said...

Wonderful picture, Hermione, I too have seen these in vanilla catalogs, but not with such an adorable photo. Bet that would increase sales. I agree with you, Poppy and Dev about the temptation being too great to resist giving the wearer a smack or two dozen.

Poppy, amazing about the coincidence of posting the same photo, and good show in delaying your post for a while. Cooperation and kindness is so lovely and needed much more in our world.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - It is lovely, isn't it? I don't think I'd wear drop seat trousers to work, but then, I don't work with my husband. If I did, I might consider it.

Michael - Poppy and I are on the same wavelength, you see, so our transmissions were in sync. But I greatly admire her for postponing her display of the photo. She's a real lady.


Scunge said...

I have two pairs! I like the ones My Sir gave me best,and I am wearing them in my avatar pic on FetLife. The other pair I bought but I don't like them,they are cotton but they make me smell weird and they have buttons instead of a zipper and the flap is velcro. The ones Sir got me have a zipper up the front and the flap has nice ties on each side.

Florida Dom said...

Yes, it is a good picture, but don't most spankos prefer to be undressed for their spankings?


Hermione said...

Scunge - they both sound very interesting. I'm sure you are spankable in either.

FD - Sometimes it's more exciting to be fully clothed, except for the target zone.