Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Phantom Menace

Those of us at the office who carry a BlackBerry in a holster hooked onto a waistband or belt can feel a vibration every time we get incoming messages. The interesting thing is, we also feel that vibration on our hips from time to time when we are not carrying a BlackBerry. This phantom vibration is something each of us thought was only our imagination, until we started discussing it among ourselves.

Sometimes I feel a similar sort of phantom feeling, a bit farther back and lower down. If I am anticipating a spanking, I can sometimes feel the sting and burn on my bottom, as if it has already happened. Of course, I know how it will feel, but I really believe I experience a bit of the sensation as a delicious, tantalizing glimpse into the near future.

Does anyone else seem to feel the burn before it becomes a

From Hermione's Heart


BabyMan said...

I carry my Blackberry in my front pocket. I have felt that phantom vibration. It made me think I was going crazy.

However, I don't have any experience with the "lower burn".

But sometimes I think my paddle, perhaps, might feel the anticipatory sting that my hand used to feel prior to giving a spanking.

Meow said...

Oh, yes!! I love that anticipatory tingle when I think about spanking. I'm amazed at how real it is and I'm glad to know I'm not alone!! Meow

Sara said...

Yes, I have felt that!

BTW, Hermione, speaking of Blackberrys, I must tell you that my cell phone fell in the toilet on Friday. I thought of you right away!! :) I tried the rice but unfortunately I-phones don't have a battery to pull out and the cell died. Ah well...just wanted to let you know how important and far reaching your blog really is!


Yes, sometimes when I think about it really hard I can get that tingling sensation in the bum.

Never had a phantom vibration from my phone though (don't own a Blackberry) although I do still get a phantom tooth ache from a front tooth that was removed over a decade ago.


ronnie said...

Oh yes, yes, I definitely feel that as well.

I love the picture of the hand print on the bottom, lovely.


Daisychain said...

Hi Hermione,
I don't have a blackberry, though I do have a cellphone. I have only felt the vibration when it actually happened !
However, on the spanking front, obviously it has been a long time since Davey spanked me for real, but he has such a wonderful voice, it almost hypnotises me, and when he tells me a story about spanking me, I close my eyes and my imagination makes it 'real'... I clench my buttocks, squirm and squeal as though he were really here doing it!!! xxxxxxxxx

turiya said...

Oh yeah... I've definitely felt it. Kinda funny in a way. Our minds are pretty powerful things.


Hermione said...

Babyman - Paddles can be very perceptive too.

Meow - You aren't alone at all!

Sara - I've been told by other readers that they also tried my remedy. I'm pleased to know it was helpful. Too bad it didn't work in your case.

Prefectdt - I've heard of that kind of phantom pain too.

Ronnie - Yes, I liked that hand. It perfectly illustrates what I wanted to say.

Daisy - What an imagination you have!

Spirited One - Yes, they are.


Unknown said...

anticipation is always a delicious part of the spanking scene. For many men, I believe, the feeling is more an erection than a burn. the Love the photo.

Scunge said...

Phantom cell vibration yup have had that. The butt tingle I have ALWAYS called butt guilt,has happened since I was a kid and felt guilty about ANYTHING,my butt would start to tingle. So glad I found TTWD as now I have someone in my life that knows just what to do when I have that feeling. :)

Hermione said...

Red - Yes, I figured that might be the case.

Scunge - I used to feel that tingle as a child too. Go figure!