Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Heart Leather

Ron and I have probably stayed together for as long as we have because we have so much in common. We both enjoy pasta, mussels, folk music, gardening and reading. We both dislike rap music, cats that yowl at three a.m. and neighbours that howl at any hour.

We also like leather. We are smart enough not to have leather furniture. There are too many sharp nails and claws in our house. But leather seems to be our mutual choice when it comes to spanking. We have a plentiful collection of
implements made of wood, leather and other substances, so we have lots to choose from. But nine times out of ten, Ron will reach for something leather. He likes the special sound that cured skin makes against fresh skin, and I enjoy the feel. Leather hurts just as much as wood, but there's a certain give to it; a flexibility that makes it mold to my bottom before it bounces off.

Just last week, I was treated to a double spanking with two paddles: one made of leather and the other of wood. After some serious attention with the leather implement, Ron thoughtfully rubbed my bottom for a minute or two, then he put the paddle down and picked up the second one from where it lay beside me. He applied it energetically but briefly, then stopped and said, "It doesn't make much of a sound."

"No, it doesn't," I mumbled, my voice muffled by the bedclothes, not making much sound either just then.

He put down the wooden paddle and resumed the session with his first choice. I had no complaints. The wood had felt unfriendly and stiff, bouncing off my taut bottom. (Not taut in the sense of toned or muscular; it was taut because it was tightly stretched as I lay bent over the end of the bed.) The leather seemed friendlier somehow. I moaned, partly in welcome, partly in pain.

Ron has also become very adept at wielding a belt. He shared the secret of his technique with me after an intense session last Sunday. (Should Tops do that?) Anyway, what he said was, at first he found the belt hard to control, because of its lack of stiffness. It wasn't going where he wanted it to. So, in addition to holding it at the buckle end with one hand, he uses his other hand to steady the folded "business" end, in order to control his aim. On the downward swing, he lets go of the tip at the last moment, and the belt lands right on target every time. (Oh, goody!)


From Hermione's Heart



Indy said...

I'm all for belts landing where they should, so I'm glad Ron has found a technique that works for him. And of course I completely agree with you about leather v. wood. R Humphries had a wonderful description of what I like least about wood in the story he released on his Woody Back to School Unit blog this week:

"Momentarily the utensil seemed to fuse with her skin, taking a layer of flesh with it as it retracted. "

Yep, not only does leather give more, it also doesn't feel like it's stripping your skin one layer at a time!

PK said...

I agree on all points of your post. Nick has always wanted leather furniture but he realizes that I would never be happy with out at least one cat in the family(he wouldn't either)so it's not going to happen.

And I to love leather for any spanking activity. I love his belt and even the heavy leather paddle but wood is unfriendly. But then again variety is the spice of life.


Hermione said...

Indy - "Taking a layer of flesh" is not my idea of erotic! I must read that story - thanks for mentioning it.

PK - I have heard that good quality leather furniture will stand up to dog claws better than fabric does, but I don't have the funds to experiment.

I agree, variety is good, and I'm not throwing away our spoons anytime soon.


ronnie said...

I do like leather but not the furniture type, we once had a leather settee and I hated it.

I love leather for spanking, the strap the paddle but the belt my favourite. Leather to me is a lot friendlier than wood.

Thanks Hermione.


Daisychain said...

I would love a leather paddle, we don't have any leather implements except Daveys belt.
The first few times I visited, I loved him using his belt, (a woven leather one, supple and wonderful)it was so sexy hearing it snake out of the loops, made me go all jelly-legged, and the feel was friendly and stingy at the same time... he knew it was my favourite.... but when I went last year (when we got married) the first SLAP with the belt had me squealing in pain and after a couple more, I leapt up and away clutching my bottom and begging him to stop!! It was awful, really painful, turned out, his trusty belt had broken, and he bought a new one for the trip, which was solid, unwieldy leather, still stiff from lack of wear....
I agree that wood is different, harsher, yet there needs to be a variety of implements to keep that feeling of anticipation/dread! xxxx

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I'm not missing anything by not having leather furniture. It reminds me of my childhood doctor's office.

Daisy - You'd better go paddle-shopping to be prepared for Davey next time you see him.

Yes, you do need to use a belt that's soft and supple, of else ease up on the force.


Unknown said...

excellent to read that your bottom is being well spanked often, It must be keeping both of you very happy.

Hermione said...

Red - Too bad you can't see the big grin on my face!