Thursday, March 25, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

What do you suppose that guy is going to do with the cane?

Read the hysterical comments about this picture on Picture is Unrelated. They're all pretty good, but here's the best one:

GROOAAAN!!!That is SO bad… I think it looks like one of those ridiculous Japanese game shows… one of those derrieres is his wife or girlfriend or some body ‘famous’ and he has to guess which one….

CONTESTANT (in wheelchair): “TED, I believe the third from the left in the second row from the top is my wife.”

TED:(in game show host voice) “Are you SURE BOB? If you are wrong, you lose the big prize (and possibly your wife)!”
BOB:”I am sure Ted!”

TED: OK, IT is time to reveal… Will BOB’S WIFE PLEASE STAND UP! (try not to hit your head on the girl above you)

(the forth from the left on the third row from the top stands up)

TED: OH! BOB, I AM SO SORRY!! You picked the wrong butt!! You don’t get the grand prize, but TELL HIM WHAT HE HAS WON, JOHNNY!
(voice over)

JOHNNY: WEEELLLL BOB has won a business card with the phone number of a divorce lawyer on it… and from the look on his wife’s face… he is going to NEED it! Bob has also won a YEARS supply of RICE A RONI, The San Francisco treat, and a copy of the PICK YOUR WIFE’S BUTT home game for hours of family fun! (whatever family he is going to have after this debacle)

From Hermione's Heart


turiya said...

AAAAAAAAallllllllrrriiiiigggghhhhtttyyyy then.... I have to say that this one has baffled my mind.

Anonymous said...

I think he deciding on which one to cane first.


"when they told him that a bottom transplant was now possible, he never dreamed that he would get so many to choose from."


A.S.S. said...

lol... looks like the in-person version of the Bare Bottom game.

~Todd & Suzy

ronnie said...

LOl Hermione.

I wonder why he is in his dressing gown?

I read some of the comments and your right some of them are really funny.

Thanks for the laugh.


Hermione said...

Spirited one - Me too!

Anonymous - Yes, you could be right.

Prefectdt - LOL!

Todd and Suzy - Where can I buy that game?

Ronnie - A very good question.


Daisychain said...

Maybe his ass got bit by a shark, and he is picking which one he wants to be remodelled as....? LOL

Unknown said...

personally, i LOVE the photo