Sunday, March 21, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Serving Time, Part VI

When we last saw Fern, hiding in the shrubbery, a caning had been interrupted. Let us resume from there.

"Sorry to interrupt!"

The voice seemed to come from directly behind her. Fern squeezed her knees together and closed her eyes and waited for an authoritative hand to fall on her shoulder. She opened them again as she heard the guard's voice reply.

"What can I do for you, Ms Lenn?" he asked.

"An altercation over in greenhouse three. If you could deal with it directly?" the admissions officer said briskly.

The man nodded. "I'm on my way."

He set the reformatory rod down on the ground, then turned back to Sylvie's bum with its single scarlet stripe enlivening the middle. He fondled both cheeks, and ran his palm over the backs of her tautly expectant thighs. "I'll be back soon, love. Just enjoy the sun on that wicked arse while you can."

Sylvie shuddered...

As soon as the two guards disappeared from sight Fern felt the urge to approach the hapless victims. Why, they wouldn't know who was walking up behind them, so their bottoms would be wonderfully quivery and apprehensive. In fact, they'd assume it was the guard! And if she didn't speak they'd continue to assume it was the guard. Which meant that...

Awareness sank through Fern like a leaden bomb. She couldn't thrash them hard, she told herself. Well, she could - but she shouldn't. There again, she'd had her own arse warmed whilst she was here - why not dish it out rather than accept it for a change?

Fern stood up and flexed her arms and legs to their fullest potential. Then, her limbs re-energized, she walked slowly towards the helpless row of bums... Fern she reached Sylvie's exquisite rear.

The girl had the kind of bottom that grown men cried for. Each creamy cheek was perfectly rounded. The skin looked like the purest flesh-toned velvet. Fern cold tell that it would feel equally silky smooth. The cleft between the adorable orbs was deep and dark yet slender. The girl's thighs were equally well-exercised and trim.

Only one thing broke up the creamy poised surface - and that was the vertical cane mark. Its initial painful redness had already faded to a ragged pink. Drawn by a force that seemed not of her making, Fern reached the middle finger of her right hand towards the sore reminder of Sylvie's wrongdoing, and ran her curious digit lightly along the ridge.

Sylvie gasped in either arousal or fear. Fern took a step back, then remembered that the girl couldn't see her. Sylvie would merely be assuming that the controlling guard had returned. The guard who said, "bad girls need sore bums" and "time I taught your arse a lesson" - then did so. Did what she, Fern, could do now!

Fern picked up the reformatory cane. It was a long cane. A thick cane. A cane to be reckoned with. The type of cane that wasn't easily forgotten by an insubordinate bum. Wishing that she could taunt the girl, she ran the cool rod warningly over the helpless bottom.

"Please," Sylvie whispered. "Show mercy, please!"

They hadn't been merciful to Fern, when she was being paddled in the assembly hall the dining room. Driven by a sudden desire to get her own back, she arched the surprisingly bendable cane. Sized it up with the underswell of the rump before her then flicked it sharply into place.

"Aaah!" Sylvie's entire bottom flinched, and the muscles in her thighs puckered up and smoothed out then repuckered.

Fern waited till her victim's buttocks stopped moving, then lined up the rod again. She'd teach this beautiful brat not to get complacent. She'd show this pretty young bum who was in charge!

She made the helpless backside taste the cane further up this time, so that it left its glowing mark a third of the way down the girl's writhing posterior.

"I'm sorry I was bad," Sylvie whispered, flexing her thigh backs lasciviously and trying to push herself toward her harsh caner. "I could make it up to you."

Aware that to answer the girl would reveal her true identity, Fern reluctantly kept silent. Sylvie continued to plead for clemency... A strange anger sweeping through her belly and chest, Fern swung the cane and watched the scarlet proof of her rage appear across Sylvie's disarmed buttocks. All the strength in her body seemed to surge into her mobile right arm. The girl was a shameless ease and wanton temptress. She was a goddess whom she'd reduce to the status of a waiting naked arse.

She pulled back the rod again. Sylvie's hot cheeks quivered. Fern saw a flash of grey and white from the corner of her eye and froze into place. She could see two tiny figures in the far distance - presumably Ms Lenn and the punishing guard had completed their mission. They were slowly approaching, returning by a different route...

Reluctantly dropping the punitive rod she'd been using on Sylvie, she backed away. Hurrying to her original hiding place, she ducked down behind the bushes and parted two of the leafy lower branches to create a new observation place.

Slowly the stick figures drew closer, closer, closer, gaining feature and form until they were in line with the stocks, a mere ten feet from Fern. She let out her breath and leaned forward, confident that she was fully concealed. They had no reason to suspect anything.

"Back to work," the guard said in a lilting tone... He walked toward Sylvie's waiting bum. "Now, where were we?" He stopped and stared at her reddened arse.

God, what an idiot she'd been, Fern realized, seeing what the man was seeing. She'd added several cane marks to Sylvie's previously singly-striped cheeks.

"Ms Lenn - can you fetch the dogs? We appear to have an interloper," the guard said. "A somewhat sadistic interloper."

Uh oh. Fern's in for it now. See what happens in the next installment, coming soon.

From Hermione's Heart


Lil Sam said...

Hermione, you tell a great story, can't wait for next chapter
Lil Sam

Hermione said...

Lil Sam - I'm glad you enjoyed it. The next one won't be long in coming.


PK said...

This does not look good for Fern!! Glad more is coming.


ronnie said...

That was a surprise Fern giving a caning.

Thanks Hermione, look forward to the next chaper.


Lynn Lane said...

Did she not think she wouldn't get caught? Silly girl. Can't wait for the rest. A very good story, please keep it coming.

Hermione said...

PK - No, not good at all!

Ronnie - You never can tell where these storylines are going.

Lynn - Her spanko urges took over and her brain left for the afternoon.


Daisychain said...

Brilliant, a great story...can't wait for the next bit... xxx