Sunday, March 14, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Serving Time, Part V

Another vignette from Serving Time by Sarah Veitch. If you missed the earlier ones, here are parts one, two, three and four.

Fern has now been at Compulsion - the reformatory with unique but familiar methods of rehabilitation - for some time. She works in the gardens, and is on her way now, but is told by a guard to take a different route.

"Go by the gate at the left. The fields you've been working on have been given over to some of the senior officers for a prolonged disciplinary session. You'll be cutting the lawns on the south side today."

Now that sounds intriguing, don't you think? Fern thought so too, and goes to investigate.

She heard the sound of thrashing long before she saw it. She heard the cane's savage swish, followed by a gasp of breath and a sharp high cry... Fern walked silently over to the bushes. Hunkering down behind them, she parted the foliage and peered through the newly created gap. Then she exhaled hard and bit her lip as she saw that she was a mere eight feet away from ten bare bottoms that were held firmly in place...

She saw that the miscreants' necks and arms were locked in a device that resembled the latter day stocks. Only the stocks before her were long enough to hold a dozen wicked necks and sets of arms in place leaving the related bums completely unable to protect their tender selves.

Raising her eyes, she saw a guard she vaguely recognized from her weeks at Compulsion. The man strode towards the long desk which was just inches away from the helpless inmates' heads.

"What shall it be this time?" he asked, looking at the rods, whips and martinets before him. Fern watched every waiting bottom twitch. "On reflection, I think the two-fingered tawse will warm up an arse or two," the guard continued, picking up the long leather punisher. He ran the implement through his hands then took his time strolling behind the restrained young bums.
They were very varied bums, Fern realized, scrutinizing the row of vulnerable bare bottoms. Eight of them were well-rounded and female, whilst the two more oval-shaped hirsute ones were male. The posterior immediately in front of her was slightly plump, and curved into a pair of equally curvy thighs. Each inch of flesh was lightly suntanned. Each inch of flesh was also anticipating a somewhat more painful tan.

As she stared, the guard stopped behind a slightly darker girlish derriere. The unfortunate bottom flinched as did the bottoms on either side of it.

"Putting weedkiller on the mange touts [edible-podded peas], failing to water the saplings - so many misdemeanours," the guard said mockingly. Again the waiting buttocks puckered then untensed.

The man pulled back the leather tawse then brought it smartly down over one of the helpless cheeks, creating a pink spreading punishment mark. As the girl squealed and moved her bum from side to side he laid on the implement again. "Save your whimpers till that bottom's been out in the sun for an hour, Theresa, giving me a nice warm canvas," he said mockingly. "I like to take my time turning a hot pink bum a pretty red."

Fern squinted at the furthest female backside. The soft flesh was already glowing all over, as if it had tasted the bat-shaped paddle. It writhed as the guard's footsteps moved its way.

"You needn't wriggle that scarlet arse at me and hope you'll escape further whipping, Rosie," the man said emotionlessly. 'I haven't finished correcting that wicked little posterior yet."

He hadn't started correcting some of the others! Fern sat down silently on her own bum and parted a lower portion of the bushes. She felt safer squatting on her most tender charms, carefully protecting them. God knows what this bastard would do if he found her lurking there. Her crime would be eavesdropping, and she could easily envisage her punishment. There was room for two more naughty bottoms in those hateful stocks.

"Well, young Keith, what have you to say for yourself after planting the bulbs too shallowly?" the guard asked, walking up to yet another bared posterior.

"I'm sorry, sir. I was tired, sir," muttered the youth.

"And now I have to make you sorry," the guard continued, beginning to unbuckle his belt.

Keith's bottom was still relaxed, his eyes presumably trained on the punishment table before him which held all the admonishing implements. He obviously had no idea, Fern realized, that the guard was about to thrash him with the strap from his waist. As she stared the uniformed man flipped back the belt then walloped the youth's helpless buttocks six times.

"Oh! Ah! Aaaah!" The boy's yells increased as each of the lashes were laid on...

...There was a particularly cheeky upturned girlish bum in the centre of the stocks, and Fern found herself wanting the guard to cane it hard.

At last the guard turned his merciless attention towards that particular waiting rear. "Oh dear, Sylvie, we seem to have neglected your posterior so far, don't we, sweetheart?"

The bottom in question quivered, but Sylvie didn't answer.

"I'll have to pay it particular attention now," the man said, his voice containing a smile. He walked over to the table and let his hand hover over the cat-o'-nine-tails, the variously shaped martinets and the wooden-handled razor strop. "I wonder, should we warm your arse uniformly with a nice wide paddle or stripe it with a Victorian rod?" He handled the leather, rubber and bamboo implements, swishing them through the air then slapping them lightly against his palm as he stared over at the trembling Sylvie. "Which punisher would make a naughty bottom good?"

The rod won. Smiling, he picked up a reformatory cane and ran it through his fingers. Fern could see the tension in the girl's naked shoulders increase. The main muscles in her bottom tightened up as the guard strolled round to those selfsame buttocks. After a moment or two Sylvie couldn't hold the position and had to let her muscles relax.

It was then that Sylvie's tormentor applied the punitive stick to her bare hindquarters, causing a thin red stripe to appear across the centre of the previously creamy flesh. The blond girl cried out and moved her poor bottom from side to side the little she could given her body's position in the stocks.

"Such a loud noise for such a little girl," mocked the guard, lining the rod up again.

"Sorry to interrupt!"
What could be important enough to interrupt such a delicious scene? Stay tuned....

From Hermione's Heart


turiya said...

Oh you tease!!!

Paul said...

Hermione, Fern has been discovered?
A guess.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

Spirited One - Tee hee!

Paul - Well, not quite yet.


Anonymous said...

I hope it is someone with lotion and cuddles.

Hermione said...

Poppy - Highly creative, but not in a million years!

Lynn Lane said...

Enjoying this story. Please keep it coming. I just hate the wait.

Lil Sam said...

Hermione, I just love your story, can hardly wait for another installment.
Thanks for your post also.
Lil Sam

ronnie said...

Oh very naughty of you to stop there Hermione I hope you had a good reason:)

I'm enjoying these, thanks.


Hermione said...

Lynn - Waiting can sometimes be the best part!

Lil Sam - You're quite welcome.

Ronnie - Yes, a very good reason. The post would be far too long if I left it all in one piece. And I also enjoy being naughty!


Daisychain said...

Great stories, as ever, Hermione... you have the knack of leaving us on a cliffhanger... LOL xxxxxxxxx