Monday, March 8, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Serving Time, Part IV

When we last saw her, our naughty heroine is being prepared for a spanking for her rudeness.

...Inhaling hard she placed her cuffed wrists against the top rung and her feet on the lowest one. Then she levered herself up with her wrists, bent her body reluctantly forward and let her bound arms hang down as low as they were able.

"I'll just make sure you stay there," Rab said tauntingly. Fern trembled as she felt him fumbling at her ankles and wrists. When he moved back, she looked down. He had fastened one end of his belt around one of her ankles then tied the free end to the chain between the cuffs. Now her bottom was a raised and tempting target, and she couldn't move her flesh enough to evade even one single spank.

The men had warned her to keep her skirt up around her armpits throughout the punishment walk, so now the only protection Fern had was her cotton panties. And Rab had made it clear that they were coming off!

Fern tensed her eyes and mouth. Her belly felt glued to the fence... She inhaled and held as the driver took hold of the back of her waistband and tore her panties away. She felt the cool breeze brushing over her helpless bottom and the flesh above her stocking tops. There as a silence in which she could tell that both men were contemplating her newly bared bum...

She sensed him moving closer, and felt the first two-palmed fondling of her twitching arse cheeks. His hands were rough, and mercilessly thorough. She tensed her thighs together as he stroked and squeezed each inch of skin...

She felt a sudden pain, and heard the accompanying loud slapping sound. "Aaah! Ouch!" Both spanks brought back some of the heat of her earlier punishment.

"Give me a minute and I'll really give you something to cry about," Rab said.

Obviously in search of greater leverage he put one hand on the side of her back, and started to spank her more firmly. His hand toasted first one taut globe then the next. Fern jerked and writhed, vaguely aware of little squealing sounds. It took her a few seconds to realize that they were coming from herself.

The man knew how to spank! Bound as she was, Fern couldn't see how far he was lifting his hand back, but she could feel the flesh-on-flesh explosion, hear each resounding crack. "Getting nice and toasty now," Rab gloated, stopping for a second to rest his hands against her extremities.

"Two more minutes," Dr. Marshall smiled.

Which meant she was just over halfway through her second-ever chastisement. Who'd have thought a grown woman could feel such shame? Shame, and much as she'd mentally hated Rab's degrading words, she'd felt an unwanted creeping physical pleasure. Now that he was caressing her bottom cheeks, she registered a heavy arousal-led heat between her legs.

"Let's see if we can make this arse the colour o' the poppies over there," Rab said, and Fern knew without opening her eyes that the poppies would be the deepest red.

"A thrashing hurts more after a wee rest," he continued, fondling her already-sore orbs. She tensed as his palm left her bum, then yelled as it made contact again with renewed energy. He spanked the full swell of her cheeks, walloped hard at the top, then the sides and the jiggling underswell.

"I'll not leave your bonny legs out," he continued in his horribly exultant voice. "They'll come up real pink with the right treatment." He started to heat the tender backs of her thighs with every fourth or fifth smack.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Fern grunted in an accompanying rhythm. Her mound rubbed against the fence as each new slap enlivened her quivering cheeks.

"Enough," said Dr. Marshall's voice.

Enough for now, perhaps. There will be more to come in future installments.

From Hermione's Heart


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These are great Hermione, thanks for posting them. I'll be back for more.


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