Monday, March 22, 2010

Complete the Caption

Wearing pajamas in the daytime? Something must be up.

Fill in the blanks with whatever you think these fashionably-dressed, very spankoesque ladies might be discussing.

From Hermione's Heart


Lynn Lane said...

I'm never good at these. But I can't wait to see what every one eslse can come up with.

Elysia said...

She hated to hear about her friend Carol's spanking, and how she was still feeling the rosy glow of his firm and loving flesh biting orchestration. He'd gone in late to work,again! Jane was jealous, but what are friends for?

Anonymous said...

She hated to break it to her friend but in a few minutes he would be home and neither of them would be able to perch with any degree of comfort on the giant tea cup for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

She hated to muss the crisp starchiness out her friend Carole's new pajamas, but the blonde was a brat, so Madge promptly turned her friend over her knee and spanked her soundly.
Jean Marie

Our Bottoms Burn said...

She hated to admit that she enjoyed the spanking so very much.


ronnie said...

She hated to admit it but she couldn't wait until the boys had gone out and Gloria got out the gin and tonics and they could get out of these silly PJs


Hermione said...

I love them all! Thanks so much for playing.


Anonymous said...

"she hated to admit it but she didn't mind at all that these new elasticated pj bottoms were quite so easy to pull down; she just wished Fiona would stop looking into her eyes and get on with it


Unknown said...

She hated to admit it but because of her bad behaviour in front of her friend on the phone to her husband, her husband has requested that her friend should witness her bare bottom spanking.