Monday, March 15, 2010

Women in Control

This post will be, I hope, or particular interest to some of my blogging friends. What Throck, Prefectdt, Red, Recidavist, Burl, David and Reece have in common is their enjoyment of being on the receiving end of a spanking administered by a woman. I hope that they - and everyone who appreciates discipline from a dominant woman - will enjoy these.

From Hermione's Heart


B. Iddy said...

I do so love Anne Taintor.

Lynn Lane said...

I would love to read some of those stories. I am some what of a dominant woman, but I perfer to be spanked. Does anyone write those kind of sotries?

Anonymous said...

I am no domme but I loved these- just because I get spanked by one man, doesn't mean I am prepared to be spanked by them all.

Made me smile.


Anonymous said...

Ah the middle classes of the 50's, the golden age of DD!



Ah! what I would give right now for a good woman with a strong arm and a no nonsense attitude. What is it about 50's women and their wonderfully starchy image :-)


Hermione said...

Biddable - So do I. I heard of a woman who used A.T. postcards as invitations to her second wedding.

Lynn - You could try Taste of the Birch or British Spanking Mags (both in my blog roll).

Poppy - And so you shouldn't. Spanking someone's bottom is a privilege, not a right.

Recidivist - Those were the days!

Prefectdt - I suppose they used a lot of starch on their laundry back then :-)