Friday, August 20, 2010


Ron was complaining recently about a sore hand. Since his hands are pretty important to our spanking enjoyment, I was concerned. It seems he had picked up some sort of irritation, and his hand burned and tingled for a few days before it felt better.

When this happened a second time, and he realized it had happened right after weeding, he headed for the internet and learned that he had come into contact with stinging nettles.

I've heard and read a lot about stinging nettles and the role they sometimes play in spankings. I was undecided about what to do but made my mind up yesterday. While pulling weeds out of the edge of the vegetable bed, I suddenly felt a searing heat on my left palm. Looking down at what I had extracted from the ground, I knew at once what it was. My hand burned and stung, just the way my bottom would if I explained to Ron what other use these plants had.

I plan to put on some heavy gloves and do some thorough weeding later today.

What's my opinion of stinging nettles? Not in my back yard!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hey, what´s all this nettle-thing going on? I just blogged about those stingy buggers, too :-)

They can be so very nasty and hard to get rid off!


ronnie said...

I hate stinging nettles.

Dock leaves are a good remedy, you rub them on the sting. Now I wonder if they would be good for the other type of sting and burn we get after a spanking :)


Em said...

Ouch! I've never been unfortunate enough to come in contact with live nettles (although that photo does look suspiciously like something in my garden).

Did you know that they're edible after you remove the stingy bits? Why not cook some up for you and Ron? Maybe they'll turn out to be a spanking aphrodesiac!


Em - You do not have to remove the stingy bits you just cut the stems off and leave them for a few hours and they stop being stingy naturally. Then you can use them in soups, salad etc. I love nettle cheese, nettles are one of natures best flavour enhancers.

As to their stinginess, I get enough of that at work :)


Erica said...

Good lord. I would say stinging nettles get added to the same list as capsaicin cream, ginger root and other items of unnecessary sadism: The "Keep That The @#$% Away From Me" list. :-)

Daisychain said...

Stinging nettles are very common here in UK. Everyone, from age of 3 up, knows not to touch if they can avoid it! Dock leaves are natures remedy, they usually grow somewhere nearby...but I find Eurax lotion/cream is wonderful...good for all itches, like bites, stings, chicken pox, etc!! xxxxxx

Hermione said...

Maria - Yeah, they grow like weeds!

Ronnie - I'm not sure what lock leaves are. I must look them up and see if they grow here.

Em - I suppose that would be a good alternate use for them.

Prefectdt - Nettle cheese? Never heard of it but I'll try anything in the cheese family once. Do you have a recipe for purslane? It's taking over our garden.

Erica - Ours are quite tiny - about 6 inches tall and fairly flaccid. I imagine they need to be bigger and sturdier to be used in CP, but I agree with you. No thanks!

Daisy - Ron didn't put anything on his hand, but next time we might try aloe vera. My hand stopped bothering me after about 10 minutes.


Unknown said...

nor on your bottom. A very good choice.

Hermione said...

Red - It's not my idea of a good time. And we don't have any dock leaves handy.


Celine said...

Ouch! I'm with you, not in my garden either, though maybe you could pawn them off on spanky friends who desire them? ;) It kind of makes me giggle that they cropped up in your yard, though. How ironic! :D Celine

Anonymous said...

Nettles are great fun if that's what floats your boat! They can be used before or after a conventional spanking. Hurts like %$^& for 5-15 minutes and then gradually fades to a "my bottom feels sunburnt" type of glow. All traces go within 12-24 hours.

Large, mature nettles are fine for CP usage but if you want the intense shock that they can provide, much better to use young, small plants (particularly the tops) in early spring. You should use them as soon as possible after cutting.

For the VERY badly behaved sub, put two sprigs of fresh-cut tops on a seat and get the victim to sit him/herself on them for a few minutes. Then give them a long hand spanking. ;-)