Friday, August 27, 2010

A dog by any other name

I was at the veterinarian's office recently, and overheard this conversation.

A woman was speaking to the receptionist, and from what I heard, she was a new client, and the conversation was about transferring her records from her former clinic. The receptionist asked, "May I call and ask them to fax Spanky's file?"

Spanky? What kind of animal was Spanky, I wondered, since she didn't have an animal with her. But more to the point, who would choose to name their cat, dog, ferret or budgie Spanky? Would a spankophile do such a thing with that emotionally-charged word? Or is it only vanillas who would bestow "that word" upon their best friend.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

100% vanilla.
I would need permanant soothing words if I had that said around me every few minutes. And I would never be able to call for that dog in public.
Just the thought of it makes me blush.

Anonymous said...


I would never have enough courage to name my pet as "Spanky" :-0

It would feel like as if I was screaming confessions about my kinkiness to the whole World :-D


Scunge said...

I had a roommate who was vanilla who named his cat Spanky. Spanky the cat was a marmalade and VERY loving. I was not "awake" yet but I should have known even then because I think my eyes bugged out when he said he was going to name the cat Spanky.

Sara said...

I'm with Poppy...100% vanilla. No way no how...I'd be blushing for years!

Erica said...

I'll chime in with vanilla as well. To them, it's just another name, like Spot or Fluffy. Not to us!

Hermione said...

It's unanimous, then, and I agree. No spanko would give their pet the name of their kink.


Unknown said...

100% vanilla...Red

Daisychain said...

yes, I think its unanimous!!! xxxxxxx

ronnie said...

LOL Hermione, I agree only a vanilla would call a pet by that name.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Celine said...

Totally vanilla, I agree with the wise ones who came before. ;) I would be in constant terror that someone would know about my kink if I named a pet Spanky. *giggle* This is really funny, actually..not so much the animal's name, but the fact that so many spankos are blushing and freaked out by the idea. :D Celine

PS, Poppy's bit about needing permanent soothing words has me laughing so hard I'm in tears..I feel your pain..

Anonymous said...

I know a couple who own a dog named "Spanky". Whether they are vanilla or not has been a question since before they bought the dog. Where was the veterinarian's office?

Em said...

I couldn't ever name an animal something that obvious, but I've recently been wishing for two new members of my furry household that I could name "Mason" and "Pearson." I just think it would be a fun, nod to my favorite pastime :)