Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't Squeeze the Buns

Last week we were shopping at our regular supermarket, and noticed a new face at one of the checkouts. It belonged to a tall gentleman who was roughly our age. We decided to "check out" the new guy.

He turned out to be very pleasant, and we chatted as he scanned the groceries. As he filled one of our reusable bags, he pointed out the loaf of bread that he had carefully placed on top.

"Ladies don't like having their bread squished," he explained. Then with a wink at Ron, he added, "Or their buns squeezed."

Ron and I think we have found a kindred spirit.

From Hermione's Heart


Sara said...

But I hear some ladies do indeed like having their buns sqeezed!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Your buns are looking good sunning on your yacht.

The Incredible Girl said...

LOL yeah! I thought buns were made for squeezing.

Janet said...

No fair, how come you always find the great clerks!!

ronnie said...

As Sara says some women like having their buns squeezed and I'm one of them :)


Unknown said...

Buns were made for squeezing. How else do you know if they're "fresh"?

Hermione said...

Sara - That's the rumour!

Bogie - My yacht? Mmm, that sounds nice!

Naomi - I think he might have been pulling my leg.

Janet - We were really lucky that day. We often avoid the new ones because they aren't as competent.

Ronnie - So am I. - Or hot!


Daisychain said...

Davey likes to squeeze the buns during a spanking, says it helps me concentrate.... as far as I am concerned, it massages the pain right in!!! (Thats why he does it, he doesn't fool ME!) xxx

Unknown said...

if you replied spanked only , never squeezed... you would really know if he was a kindred spirit.

Erica said...

LOL! I'll chime in with liking my buns squeezed!

OK, I know everyone else is busy staring at the second picture, but can I just say the first picture of those fresh rolls made me hungry?

Hermione said...

Daisy - I love having my buns squeezed during a spanking, for just that reason.

Red - That was the same store where I first spanked my Mastercard (paypass). But I wouldn't mention the S word on a first meeting!

Erica - The second picture was an afterthought, but I chose the first picture because the buns looked plump, tempting and almost spankable.


sixofthebest said...

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns, There is nothing like spanking a naughty lady's 'bare buns, and making them nice and hot. Thank you Hermoine for allowing me the other day to go through your wonderful blog, and making several comments upon them along the way.

Dave The Rave said...

Yeah, I'd squeeze them to see how tight or soft they were before spanking them. Of course, I'd like her to return the favor for me being naughty.

Celine said...

Hahahaha! That's awesome!! Both of those pics are yummy, too, but for different reasons ;) Celine