Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You Donkey!

We regularly watch Hell's Kitchen, that show starring the chef we love to hate, Gordon Ramsay. It's a reality show, with sixteen chefs vying for the top prize of being head chef at a high-profile restaurant. Each week, the teams complete challenges, and the winning team is given a luxurious treat, while the losers are punished. One competitor is also eliminated each week. In one episode, Chef Ramsay was scolding Holli, who had simultaneously overcooked the duck and undercooked the chicken.

"She needs a spanking," my husband observed. "That should be the prize for this week. The winning team gives the members of the losing team a spanking."

I thought that was a wonderful idea. Since the teams are the red team (women) and the blue team (men) the outcome could be very interesting. The red team had lost every challenge so far. But perhaps this would be their lucky day.

Ron had the right instinct about Holli. On a subsequent episode, she won a 1000 dollar shopping spree in a kitchen supply store, and chose blue-haired, macho Jay to accompany her.

We had heard a great deal of sexual banter between the two in the previous episode.

As we watch them in the store, Jay drops a wooden paddle into the empty shopping cart.

Holly (laughing) "A wooden paddle."

Jay "it's a multi-function paddle, Holli."

(Ron and I exchanged knowing looks at this point.)

Later that evening, they relax and flirt in the hot tub. Jay orders Holli to "assume the position" as she floats in quasi-OTK position over his legs. Holli replies, "This is one of my favourites." When they hear a third contestant coming to join them in the tub, Jay mutters "Hurry up" but then they are interrupted. Or perhaps it was skilful film editing at work.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

Had to be the editing - no way they got that far and not even a smack to show for it. I wish a show would down this path, a show for real spankos can you imagine their ratings? You know all of us are going to watch and the absolute uproar and protest it would cause would draw in a ton more viewers! Someone should think about this.


The Incredible Girl said...

I agree with PK. One of us spankos should get on that! We need to create our own subtle show that even a vanilla can enjoy, and then watch the ratings slowly sky rocket!

That would be great.

Hermione said...

I agree with both of you. What a show that would be!


ronnie said...

Oh Gordon, not my favourite person at all such an arrogant man and personally not one of our better chefs. Though he does do charity work so he can't be all bad :)

Not sure if we are behind or infront of you with this series, don't watch the programme. Definitely editing I would think.


Anonymous said...

That man is a real **s*o*e, but the show is entertaining :-)

Yes, as a spankee you might watch it in a different way than the Vanilla audience. Though, I don´t like how harsh he is and how brutal he is with his language. Maybe he should get spanked, too?


Hermione said...

Ronnie - We are watching Season 7.

Anonymous - Oh, no, he wouldn't look right over someone's knee. But I agree, his harshness is way over the top.


Anonymous said...

Randy, but watching a "reality show" Really, must be those cold Canadian winters where you can't go outside. Red

Michael said...

Congratulations on this post being Chrossed, Hermione. Way to go. :)

Hermione said...

Red - We only watch food-themed reality shows. The ovens and grills keep us toasty warm.

Michael - Thank you! Who knew this post would do it?