Saturday, August 28, 2010

Complete the Caption

Here's an interesting social gathering. The woman on the right seems to be entertaining the two gentlemen with some titillating conversation. What do you think she enjoys? Does the lady in the middle have anything to add? What about the blond wearing the pink dress, sitting provocatively on the sofa? Why have these people come together?

Please leave your suggested caption as a comment, and I will post all submitted captions tomorrow. Let your imagination soar!

From Hermione's Heart


Michael M said...

"I enjoy being at these little soirees of Fortuna's. I ahd no idea that so many yong men liked having their bottoms birched by society women."


"I enjoy being entertained by all these potential slaves. What time does the auction start?"


ronnie said...

I enjoy being dressed up for these little get togethers but I hate Clarissa for making me choose who should spank me.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall says "I enjoy wondering if any of these men are man enough to spank me".

I say, What is the book you are getting these drawings from???

sixofthebest said...

"If any one of you gentlemen can tell us ladies, what type of knickers we are wearing, we will allow you to take them down, and spank us"

Unknown said...

"I enjoy being spanked amongst strangers, so forgive me if I don't ask your names. The order will be: Constance, then me, then Paige. And then me again."

These are fun!


sixofthebest said...

"Did you here the latest from the White House. It is rumored that President Barack Obama, invited Sarah Palin into the Oval Office, where he put her over his knees, took up her dress, pulled down her panties, and walloped that bare bottom of hers good and painfully plenty"

Unknown said...

I enjoy being at a spanking party like this one. IT will be so much fun as we play musical chairs, where you men get to gently bend over the closest lap when the music stops. The game doesn't start again until each one of you is beating a merry tune with your feet dancing on the carpet...