Saturday, September 25, 2010

Complete the Caption for Vintage Photo I

Here's a vintage postcard depicting an attractive young lady with some luggage. But why is she kneeling on the wooden box? Is she expecting someone to give her posterior some attention? Who is she? A secretary? A maid? A girl going off to college?

Write a caption for this charming picture. Tomorrow, besides publishing your captions, I will also show you the original caption that was printed on the postcard.

From Hermione's Heart


Mitch said...

Yes, Sir, the whips and paddles are packed. Oh, I also have your presentation to the Board of Directors.


I don't think that that is luggage and I believe that she is using a wood shaving plain, as in she is doing some woodwork. Anyway, here is my caption.

"It's bad enough getting punished but having to make my own stocks first is just too much"


sixofthebest said...

I've been told by my boyfriend to make my own paddle, because the old one that he had been using on my bare bottom, has splintered. And it has to be ready by tonight, or my punishment with it will be doubled.

Unknown said...

just letting you have a glimpse of me bent over, but with my clothes on. Here is the strap you requested dear.

ronnie said...

He told me to put the strap in but I wonder if I can squeeze the paddle in as well.

Have a good weekend.


Lady Koregan said...

That rope's in here somewhere. Or it had better be. I did leave it on the bed with the other things you were to put in the suitcase. Why do you always have to make such a mess of the packing? We'll address that, too, just as soon as we finish talking about your behavior on the train.