Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buns of Steel?

I had been working in the garden on a rare sunny day and was enjoying a well-earned break for coffee and the morning paper.

Ron came over and prepared to sit down beside me, then stopped and observed, "There's something sticking out of your back pocket."

Right. I had been trimming branches and had put the clippers in my pocket in case I needed them again.

"It's the pruning shears. I forgot about them."

"Doesn't that hurt?" I pulled the shears - pointed side down - out of the pocket and held them up.

"Didn't feel a thing. But it's used to pain."

"You have calluses on your bum," Ron concluded, sat down and reached for a section of the paper.

I prefer to think of my bottom as 'bionic' but in either case, it can take a lot of abuse.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Fun post Hermione. Thanks. Some of my friends say they have CIA's for Cast Iron A... They have an amazing tolerance level as well.

findingsara said...

It's been well conditioned! ;) Sara

sixofthebest said...

To you Hermoine and Ron. Have a wonderful Canadian Independence Day Friday July 1st 2011. And if you are celebrating like we do here in the good old U.S.A. Let the fireworks, be on your BARE BOTTOM.

Meow said...

Fun conversation! I bet you can still feel the sting, though. Without that, what's the point?

ronnie said...

Calluses LOL. Love the conversation. Thanks for sharing.


Daisychain said...

Hmmm.... something sticking out of your back pocket??? So, we all know what HE was looking at, and it wasn't your beautiful face or the newspaper!!!!!!

Florida Dom said...

How nice for you to think of your bottom as bionic.


Anonymous said...

Have a happy Canada Day neighbour.

Hermione said...

Joey - I like CIA. I'll have to remember that.

Sara - Yes, it's used to hard treatment.

Six - Well, we aren't fully independent. The Queen is still our monarch. But we do have lovely fireworks.

Meow - LOL! What's the point, indeed!

Ronnie - I don't think they are actual calluses, but Ron assures me he can see them.

Daisy - Right, he was checking out the landscape:)

FD - It's not original. Erica's bottom was called bionic first. But it's entirely appropriate in this case.

Elder - thank you, and happy Independence Day to you.


MyMask said...

Would love to see your buns of steel ;)
Happy Canada D'eh

Hermione said...

MyMask - Unfortunately, this blog is out of bounds for them.

Hugs, eh?