Sunday, June 26, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Let's see what you thought of this imtimate scene in a 50's home.

Prefectdt: "Quiet now, the Gimp's sleeping."

Kaki: He'll never think to look for the cane in here.

Simone(e): At least when Mistress put him away for the night he didn't have to look at her hideous 50s decor.

Bobbie Jo: Let's see now. He told me to get the paddle, but I forgot where I hid it. If I don't find it soon, I am really in for it.

Ronnie: Now I must remember what Nigel said, canes go in the large one, paddles the middle one but what did he say goes in the small one.

Daisychain: If THIS one is full of leather belts too, I am going to behave myself when he gets in from work tonight....

Lea: If we buy any more implements we'll need a second closet.

Six of the Best: "This is where Ron and I keep our 'prize possessions', of spanking implements. Our paddles, hairbrushes, birchrods, canes, and riding crops. When we pass on, they will be donated to a museum specializing in 'Spanking Art'"

A Lurker: . . . and as you can see, this lovely home comes complete with its own private spanking room. This fine couch for otk or bending over is also included. The spacious closet and lovely designer bags for organizing and storing implements are all yours for the asking price of . . .

Hermione:  Who stole the closet door again?

Thanks for having some summertime fun. See you next week for another challenge.

From Hermione's Heart

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